Woodridge, IL: Cyprus Cove World Youth Day Swim Party Benefit



Holy Trinity is again hosting a fundraising event at Cypress Cove Water Park for the pilgrims hoping to attend World Youth Day 2011.  This year’s event will be held on Saturday August 8th from 7 – 9. 

TICKETS: $12.00 in advance. $15.00 at the door. $40.00 per family.

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150 from the Diocese of Joliet arrive in Sydney, Australia


A message from the Holy Trinity, Westmont Youth Group Pilgrims:

It is a glorious day in Sydney!

We are waiting for the Pope’s official arrival ceremony in Sydney … but we actually were fortunate to have his motorcade pass by on the street RIGHT OUTSIDE our catechesis location this morning.

I got a photo of him in his car!

The kids were awesome ~ lined both sides of the narrow street and cheered a greeting as he passed.

We have had 2 days of awesome catechesis from a Bishop from India yesterday, and today, from the Bishop of Ottawa.

Also, Steve Angrisano and Tony Melendez are the musicians at our site all week!

We were also able to take in a conference from Jason and Christalina Evert yesterday, and a Franciscan music festival at the beach.

Hard to describe in a few words how blessed this time is for all of us.

Hope to check in again in a couple of days.

Peace to all,


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Latest WYD News From Sydney

A Report from a Mom:

Hi All –
I had a long chat with David from Australia this afternoon.  Things continue to go well there.  Of course there have been those pilgrim moments be overall he sounded quite elated.
Even though it is winter there they have been blessed with warmer than normal temperatures.  The overnight outside in his words was “just fine” and he was able to sleep some.  Of course I received reports of his leading a Conga line around the race course at 11:30pm and having a great time during the concert but as he said – why sleep when there is so much else to do!  Oh Youth….
They needed to rely on the projection screen to watch the Mass with Pope Benedict but he said is was awesome none the less.  One of the things that he was particularly impressed with was the Monstrance that could be seen from the way back.  He said it was 6 feet in diameter and amazingly beautiful.  They have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world.  He said he has really enjoyed visiting with the youth from Australia and they have been very friendly and welcoming.  He enjoyed a particular visit with some blokes from England and a group from Kenya among others.
The Catechesis has been wonderful and very motivating.  The WYD events are officially over and when I spoke with him they had a free day.  The ladies all headed off the see the Opera House and do some shopping.  David, Luke and Charles opted to find the local Games Workshop and do a few other guy things instead.
Then they have two days of organized tours, first to an Aboriginal Village and the the mountains before heading home.
We closed our conversation with him telling me in no uncertain terms that I have three  years to get in shape because he wants me to chaperon the next WYD in 2011 with him.  The Holy Father announced that it was going to be held in Madrid, Spain!  I guess that means that he is again having a wonderful experience since he is already planning the next trip.
I will pick them up at 1am this Friday and I’m sure we will hear many more stories!  Thanks for your prayers thus far – keep them coming!

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