How Some Catholic Seminaries Promote the Homosexual Sub-Culture

“Under no circumstances may a student report to a third student his concerns regarding another student’s sexual orientation or behavior. If there are concerns this must be brought directly to the student himself or if serious tell the rector.”

(Thus two heterosexual students may not discuss with each other that Billy seems a little sweet in his affections.)

If they tell Billy to his face as mandated, he can report that their evaluation of him has made him uncomfortable and he feels they are not accepting of him because he might be gay.

If someone tells Fr. that he is wondering about Billy then Fr. writes down that the guy is fearful of intimacy because he is homophobic.

The culture is set up for close living with homosexuals who are encouraged to share their proclivities with self selected friends while heterosexuals may not criticize or shy away from such disordered affections.

The heterosexuals may not discuss with one another if they suspect a seminarian is eroticizing the philia of male friendship. This is neither a masculine nor a Catholic anthropology.

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