News Headlines and Commentary on Life Issues from Illinois Right To Life


June 23, 2009:
House Health Care Restructuring Bill Funds Pro-Abortion Planned Parenthood
Sonia Sotomayor Worse on Abortion Than David Souter, Pro-Life Leader Says
June 22, 2009:
Late-Term Abortions are Never Necessary: Former Abortionist
Undercover Videos Prompt Tennessee Lawmakers to End Preference for Planned Parenthood
June 19, 2009:
Global “Safe Abortion” Conference Denies Conscience Protections, Risks of Abortion
Pro-Lifers Relieved with Outcome of Geneva UN Human Rights Council Meeting
June 18, 2009:
Federal Civil Rights Commission Warns Hate Crimes Bill Poses “Menace” to Civil Liberties
June 17, 2009:
Pro-life Leaders Face Death Threats, Require Protection from Abortion Rights Radicals
Catholic Colleges Support Internships with Pro-Abortion Orgs, Including PP and NARAL
June 16, 2009:
Abortionist Killed: National News — Abortionist Kills Woman: Ignored
June 15, 2009:
Pro-Life Action League’s Message to Obama: “Abortion Is Not Health Care”
Pro-Life Democrat Saves Abortion Funding Limits Obama Suggested Overturning
Wisconsin Democratic Leaders Prevent Vote to Stop UW Late-Term Abortions
PBS Celebrates Late-Term Abortions, Attacks Pro-Life Advocates  (Brent Bozell)
The Return of Anti-People Propaganda  (Steven W. Mosher)
Planned Parenthood is All About Sex  (Judie Brown)
Where’s the Choice in This?  (Chuck Colson)
Obama Scraps Bioethics Council After Forcing Embryonic Tax-Funding  (David Prentice)
Obama on Tiller Murder: Not Presidential, Inappropriate & Politically Motivated  (Dan Zanoza)
Abortion vs. cat ‘murders’  (Jill Stanek)