Illinois Senate candidate Mark Kirk mocks Pro-Lifers

Pro-lifers can only take so much, and Kirk needlessly poking that stick at us lost some tepid support.

But the last straw for me was a June 2010 memo we received today, written by Kirk to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, seeking its endorsement.

Both NARAL and PP IL Action have already endorsed Giannoulias, and the PPAF lists Giannoulias as an endorsed candidate, so Kirk lost his bid, unless PPAF determines at some point Giannoulias has acquired too much baggage, which I doubt. There are no Republicans on its endorsement list, so it must be willing to tolerate a lot.

But reading Kirk’s list of pro-death accomplishments is sickening. Also note how many times Kirk brags about battling his own party’s president on the life issue.

Even anticipating a Republican Senate majority isn’t worth electing another Collins, Snowe, or Specter for the next 6-24+ years.

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