Catholic bishops fail to encourage the obvious – upholding immigration law.

For too long, American Catholics have been led to erroneously believe that “social justice,” a relatively new term in the Catholic lexicon, means liberal social policies on the part of the state are morally good. Quite often this means “doing good using someone else’s back” – the taxpayers.

It is the essence of socialism, which promotes the redistribution of wealth. This is politics. It must not be confused with charity either. Charity has an individual dimension. It is something a person does freely and is within the provenance of the church to encourage. It is why people, parishes, dioceses and other charitable organizations attend to people’s needs from their own purse.

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Conflict of interest?

George Will takes Cardinal Mahoney “to the woodshed” over Arizona Immigration Law

The problem of illegal immigration is inflaming Mahony, who strongly implies, as advocates for illegal immigrants often do, that any law intended to reduce such illegality is “anti-immigrant.” The implication is: Because most Americans believe such illegality should be reduced, most Americans are against immigrants. This slur is slain by abundant facts — polling data that show Americans simultaneously committed to controlling the nation’s southern border and to welcoming legal immigration.

Paul, in his first letter to the Corinthians, said, “And now abideth faith, hope and charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” Mahony uncharitably judges Arizona legislators and the constituents they represent to be “mean-spirited.” His evident assumption, one quite common today, is that certain ideas cannot be held by any intelligent person of good will.

But what does — what can — Mahony mean by asserting that Arizona’s law is “useless”? He must believe either it will have no effect on illegal immigration or that any effect must be without social value. He can know neither to be true.

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