Keyes: Impeach Obama.

During his public career, he has repeatedly expressed the view that the Constitution is outdated; that the ideas and concepts from which it is derived interfere with achieving the goals of his socialist ideology. When someone with these convictions abuses the power of the office he occupies in a way that plainly contravenes the Constitution’s provisions, it is both wise and prudentially necessary to assume that his motives are suspect; that he acts with hostile intention derived from his ideology to circumvent or destroy the Constitution, not to preserve or defend it. This is especially true when, as in the immigration matter we are discussing, there is no evidence of any urgent or immediate threat requiring suspension of the Constitution’s prescribed legislative prerogatives and procedures.

With this in mind, Obama’s suspension of law enforcement with respect to certain provisions of U.S. law re immigration ought immediately to produce a vote in favor of impeachment in the House of Representatives. Though his action amounts to granting a reprieve to individuals otherwise subject to deportation under the law, he applies that reprieve, as it were, out of the clear blue sky, in the entire absence of exigent circumstances that might justify urgent action in defense of the Constitution. This does not appear to be a necessary exercise of extraordinary Executive discretion justified by exculpatory circumstances. To all appearances, it is clearly a usurpatory exercise of legislative power, by which he purports to repeal an existing provision of law and substitutes for it another one, of his own making.

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