Dramatized audio version of New Testament for Catholics now available

“It’s a radio-style drama, theater of the mind,” he said.

That is the new twist Stark’s project brought to the audio bible recording genre.

“In the past, audio bibles were droll and drab with a single reader – one person reading the whole bible. We’ve got an orchestra and sound effects. It’s acted out,” he said.

Video of some of the actual recordings of Jesus, performed by Neal McDonough; Mother Mary, performed by Julia Ormond; and Mark, performed by Blair Underwood, can be viewed online at truthandlifebible.com.

Other lead actors featured on the recordings are Stacy Keach as John, Michael York as Luke, Sean Astin as Matthew, Kristen Bell as Mary Magdalene, Malcolm McDowell as Caiaphas, Hill Harper as Gabriel and Brian Cox as the voice of God. John Rhys-Davies narrates.

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