Finally! Charges dropped against anti-abortion Notre Dame commencement protesters.

Charges have been dropped against 94 protesters arrested at Notre Dame two years ago.

The protesters, who thought President Barack Obama shouldn’t be allowed to speak at the Roman Catholic university’s commencement because of his support of abortion rights and embryonic stem-cell research, faced trespassing charges from events leading up to the speech. They were denied entry to campus, but later arrested when they wouldn’t leave.


Shrine of Christ’s Passion in St. John, Indiana to be permanent home of 34-foot tall “Our Lady of the New Millenium”

ST. JOHN — Our Lady of the New Millennium arrived at its new temporary home Sunday in the parking lot of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church.

Applause erupted from the impromptu crowd of about 300 that gathered when the hydraulic lifts on its special flatbed semi-trailer raised the nearly 34-foot-tall stainless steel statue to an upright position after its journey down U.S. 41 from Chicago.

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Pro-Life Attorney Bryan Brown Alleges Religious, Political Discrimination in Indiana

Indianapolis, IN ( — ArchAngel Institute Executive Director Bryan J. Brown recently filed a federal action against the Indiana Supreme Court and others alleging that he was subjected to unconstitutional processing through their application program due to his pro-life identity and adherence to Natural Law jurisprudence.

Brown, a Kansas licensed attorney in good standing since 1996, is also a member of the bar of the United States Supreme Court and was found of sufficient good moral character and mental fitness to be admitted to any state bar by the National Board of Law Examiners in 2006. Missouri invited Brown to sit for their bar exam in 2006.

The Supreme Court of Indiana, through its Board of Law Examiners, refused to acknowledge this National finding and instead ran Brown through a full mental health assessment, after which they denied him entrance in a five sentence order that cites no facts and cites no case law. Brown documents a troubling process fixated upon his religious, political and pro-life perspectives.

Brown notes that “it was clear through the processing of my case that the Indiana authorities were demanding that I recant from my allegiance to the Higher Laws concept that defines Christian political science. This I refused to do. For this faithful recalcitrance they have punished me in various and sundry ways, culminating in an order that I not even seek admission to the Indiana bar again until 2014, a full seven years from my previous petition.”