“My abortion was the most horrifying experience of my life…”

“…The women were treated like human cattle. I was told over and over about “a bunch of cells,” even though I was 10 weeks along. I was only asked, “Will that be Visa or MasterCard today?” I believed all of the lies that I was told.”

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Indifference is corrosive to the true faith.

The first aspect of indifferentism is the idea that all the Christian denominations–for that matter all the different religions–are pretty much the same. You know the schtick–”We are all following different paths up the same mountain. You choose your path I choose mine.” The unique claims to Catholic truth have been watered down or denied completely. So if we have been telling our kids for the last fifty years that all the other Christian denominations are pretty much the same we should be surprised when they quite happily marry a Methodist or tootle off to the community church or join the Episcopalians?


Lots of things still apparently above Obama’s pay grade.

“Obama conveyed the message that one cannot be practically certain about any conviction that is held by faith. He thus implicitly rejected many essential truths of the University of Notre Dame’s Catholic faith, including the truth that it is rationally defensible to assent with certitude to the tenets of the faith….President Obama used the incomprehensibility of God as his basis for claiming that what we think we know about God is, and should be understood by us as, inherently doubtful. But the president’s reasoning is unsound, and his conclusion is false.”

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Pope criticizes attitude of indifference to religion in Europe, Middle East

The Catholic Church should seek to spread its message ‘particularly in countries with ancient Christian traditions that appear to have become indifferent or even hostile to the Word of God,’ Pope Benedict told the meeting.

‘Today’s world needs people who announce and testify that Christ can teach us how to live, can show us the path to true happiness,’ he said.


Editor’s note: Holy Father, if only things were that simple! The message of modern Christianity (and even that of the Catholic Church itself) lacks unity and is often contradictory. It’s impossible to get a straight answer from those who should rightly be expected have them, and it’s even more difficult to find a second, confirming opinion.

Those who are supposed to act in the person of Christ have been widely discredited by scandal, and church assets have been sorely dissipated, while Christianity in general has been splintered into 40,000 different groups, with almost as many varying traditions and creeds, many of them at odds with the others.

Bishops are typically unreachable, showing themselves only at ceremonial events, where they are generally unwilling to take up and discuss the problems of the day with ordinary Catholics.

Priests are scarce, spread too thin, and don’t have the time. Even if they did, most wouldn’t want to take the risk. There’s a virtual minefield of scandal and corruption out there, and bishops have been known to routinely “ship out” priests who have the intestinal fortitude to preach the truth about important matters of the faith.

The People of God have often been poorly served. Traditional Catholics have been treated with outright hostility and scorn by their own Catholic church, for the last fifty years. Others have been sexually abused. Many, many others have been so badly catechized that they have no idea of what being Catholic really means, while still others are regularly spiritually assaulted by bogus, illicit liturgies.

People don’t see the benefit of being Catholic, these days. If they did, they would be lining up ten and twenty deep, at the doors of churches, all around the world, begging to be let inside.

It’s not because they are indifferent. People everywhere continue to vigorously act in what they perceive as their own best self-interest. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church has, as of late, done an exceptionally poor job of publicly preaching and demonstrating the eternal benefits of being Catholic.

Holy Father, the more precise term for the malaise of which you speak would be irrelevancy … not indifference. If people were merely indifferent to the church, there would be no reason for perceived or actual hostility. The Catholic Church has recently become irrelevant to many, by and through its own numerous and very public failings.

Until the Catholic Church can once again begin to clearly show the relevance of the divine truths it holds in trust for all mankind, people will continue to eschew God’s grace and prefer to seek happiness through other channels … typically sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, material possessions, electronic media and false religions.