Baptism of Desire: A hopeful theological premise that lacks the divine certainty of sacramental baptism.

Practically everyone needs the baptism of water for salvation – while in theory a person can be saved with the baptism of desire – Rector, Church Santa Maria Annunziata, Rome

Being saved with the baptism of desire etc he said is an impossibility. ( ‘impossibilisimo’).The Franciscan had got it right. The baptism of desire and invincible ignorance are not ‘practical’ ( defacto) exceptions .To claim that they are practical exceptions would be indifferentism and syncretism. It would be a negation of an infallible teaching. This would be a mortal sin and heresy. The stuff of excommunications. It would be a sacrilege for the priest offering Holy Mass.

Today morning at 10.30 a.m the priest offered Holy Mass in Italian with his face towards the altar and not the congregation. Communicants also received the Eucharist kneeling on a single pew, placed in the centre aisle.He was the Rector of the Church, Santa Maria di Annunziata, Rome. The Rector from the community Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate founded by Fr. Stefano Manelli F.I spoke on the necessity of the baptism of water for all people to go to Heaven.

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MIchael Voris of Real Catholic TV on various “isms” negatively affecting the Church

Enough is enough.

If the Catholic Church is going to recover in the West generally and the United States in particular than it must be authentically Catholic and stop making excuses for every possible watered-down version of faith that comes down the pike.

Indifferentism .. relativism .. universalism .. are all given too much of a pass these days in the Church.

Indifferentism .. is the belief that essentially all religions are the same .. that no one faith is superior to any others. Of course one is .. Catholicism because the Son of God established it.

Relativism .. is the belief that no morality is really superior to any other morality .. you know .. there’s my truth and your truth. Ridiculous. Truth is one.

And Universalism .. the belief that in the end everyone is saved. Our Blessed Lord Himself tells us this isn’t true.

All three of these serpents wind their way through much of the philosophy that decides who gets grants from the CCHD.

The Church’s primary social mission is to get souls to heaven. Her corporal works of mercy flow from that mission .. they don’t replace it.

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“The Ecumenical Vatican Council II: A Much Needed Discussion,” Msgr. Brunero Gherardini.

“It is absurd…to even think that modern and contemporary culture–that which is understood as having its beginning in the Enlightenment and which today finds expression in ‘weak thought,’ or materialism, or indifferentism and relativism–can be recognized as a natural development of ancient Tradition.”

-From a book on the 2nd Vatican Council, by Msgr. Brunero Gherardini: Canon of St. Peter’s Basilica, a secretary for the Pontifical Academy of Theology, a professor emeritus at the Pontifical Lateran University, and the editor of Divinitas, a leading Roman theological journal.