Bishop explains Sacrament of Confirmation

This is the time of year when Bishops celebrate Confirmation. It is certainly a wonderful moment for the recipients of the sacrament, as they receive the same Holy Spirit bestowed upon the Church at Pentecost…


One of our readers (name withheld by request) has a topical comment:

Most of the parishes in my area let young people get confirmed even though they do not go to church every Sunday.

The Confirmandi promise the Bishop they would abide by the precepts of the Church, but are not even required by their parishes to go to church on Sundays during confirmation class years. So after confirmation the confirmed just move on [been their and done that].They forget about their commitments to God and the Bishop.

The policy is “everyone gets Confirmed” regardless, whether they obey the precepts of the church or not.

This is the same mind set as the public schools to lower the standards so everyone moves up and out. We owe our Catholic youth MORE… tough love; so they do not go out

This policy of the youth directors is leading to the mass exodus of college students and 20 somethings from Sunday Mass.

JPII and “Be Not Afraid” – A personal story of conversion

I’m among the numerous souls brought to Catholicism largely by the witness of the man who will be beatified this coming Sunday.

During high school I gave up on the Christian faith I’d been raised in. I didn’t so much reject Christ or his teaching as become completely disheartened by the fact that all around me were professing Christians who seemed not to take much interest in striving to live the Gospel.

If love is patient, kind, and not quick to take offense, why were we Christians quick-tempered, gossipy and touchy like everyone else? To cope, I adopted the time-honored adolescent defense mechanism: cynicism.

Onto the world stage strode John Paul II, beaming his merry grin, encouraging us to “Be Not Afraid,” and seeming to embody in his person the antidote to 1970’s “malaise.”

He offered the cure to cynicism: Christian joy. His spirit and teaching gave courage to young hearts afraid to give themselves fully to Christ. And he backed up his smile with the physical and moral courage that brought down the Soviet empire, restored the missionary face of the Church, and faced down the slow wasting death by Parkinson’s.

Three memories of him I cherish.

It’s time to for the Pope to officially bring to a close the 1st Vatican Council (Yes … the FIRST one!)

Pope Pius IX Presided
Over the 1st Vatican Council

The outbreak of the Franco-Prussian war led to the interruption of the 1st Vatican Council. It was in fact never resumed, nor was it ever officially closed.

It’s high time Vatican I was finally and officially wrapped-up.

And of course, since Vatican I was never properly completed, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for the Pope to go ahead and declare the 2nd Vatican Council to be null and void.

After all, how can you have a 2nd Vatican Council when the 1st one is still (at least technically) still going on?

This wasn’t my idea, either. “The Spirit of Vatican II” provided all the necessary inspiration. Honest!

Catholics- Why erect statues of Mary and saints which are less important than Father Son Holy spirit?

Q: Catholics- Why erect statues of Mary and saints, which are less important than Father Son Holy Spirit?

A: Every one of the saints is in heaven, so every one of the saints serves as an inspiration to current day Christians.

And since all of the saints got to heaven by means of cooperating with God’s grace, and by that grace alone, every saint gives glory to God, the one who created him/her.

The saints also prove that Jesus did not die in vain, that God keeps his promises, and that his promises apply to every Christian, in every age.

And since the lives of the saints were typically not easy ones, Christians are suitably inspired to persevere in their faith and in God’s grace, until the end, no matter what.

That is the message of the whole Bible … for every man or woman of God … salvation according to the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ … our Lord and Savior … the one on whom all Catholic worship and all Catholic living is centered.