Fortnight for Freedom Issue #13: Catholics walk in Des Moines, Iowa for religious freedom.

The Catholic Diocese of Des Moines sponsored the Independence Celebration Walk and Picnic. Organizers estimated 2,500 people participated.

The crowd gathered at noon at the St. Ambrose Cathedral in downtown Des Moines and walked to the Iowa Capitol. The Most Rev. Richard Pates, bishop of the Diocese of Des Moines, led the group, along with Gov. Terry Branstad, who said he attended the event on his own accord.

The event was a show of solidarity with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ “Fortnight for Freedom,” which began June 21 and will conclude on Independence Day. The two-week national campaign is intended to draw attention to what they say is the government infringement on their religious freedoms.

One of the key issues is a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ directive that nearly all employer health care plans – including Catholic universities and hospitals – must provide birth control and certain other medical services. The church says this requirement would include sterilizations and drugs that could cause abortions. A narrow exemption for churches exists, but moral and religious First Amendment objections continue to be issued by Catholic dioceses, universities, hospitals and charitable institutions now suing the federal government over the matter, as well as other Christian and Jewish groups.

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Iowa homosexuals go too far, Bishop says “no”.

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Overruling school officials, a Catholic bishop in Iowa said Monday he would not let a group that promotes equal rights for gays and lesbians present a college scholarship to an openly gay student during an upcoming award ceremony.

Bishop Martin Amos in Davenport said the Eychaner Foundation would not be allowed to present the Matthew Shepard Scholarship to Keaton Fuller during the May 20 ceremony at Prince of Peace Catholic School in Clinton, saying the group’s support for gay rights conflicts with church doctrine.


Editor’s note: Thank God for good bishops! The school officials ought to be fired. Maybe VP Joe Biden can set up something special for the sodomites and their charitable foundation.

Phony Iowa Catholic Monastery offers bogus masses, but that’s OK because they raise cute, cuddly animals there.

No kidding! Read the article.

Archbishop warns of possible fake priest at Iowa “Abbey”

No evidence has been provided to the officials of the Archdiocese of a valid ordination to the priesthood. Neither has any
evidence been provided that would prove that the institution is in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, the Bishop of Rome. The
institution is clearly not in communion with the Archbishop of Dubuque, who has not given any permission or approval to the

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CWA: York’s “Submissive Wife” Question Completely Ignorant

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York annoyed the crowd last night when he asked Michele Bachmann if she would be submissive to her husband if elected president. Equally annoyed was Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America:

“I was taken aback once again by the temerity of the media last night. Byron York’s question to Michelle Bachmann about her relationship with her husband was incredibly inappropriate and downright ignorant. Perhaps he should study theology a bit before asking a question about a complex Biblical statement on the home. Secondly, there are one or two men in the group whose wives have such sway in their campaigns that the same question would have more fittingly been asked of them.

Gentlemen, grow up.”


“As far as we were concerned, it wasn’t sex ed, it was sex demonstration.” – Iowa parent on 16 year-old’s sex education class

“I do not understand why any adult with a classroom of children would show them sexual positions,” she told Fox News Radio. “I think that’s horribly inappropriate.”

As for the photographs, “I believe some of those photos were pornographic,” she said.

“Had we known this was going on, I would have sat in the classroom or I would have pulled him out,” Dostal said.

She took her concerns to the principal, who Dostal said was “mortified.” The principal apologized but several other parents decided to take the issue to the school superintendent.

“I understand it’s a state law that sex education be taught but it is also state mandated that parents be told that this is going to happen and we were not told.”

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