IRLC Pro-Life week in review

News Headlines on Life Issues:
August 29, 2008:
Pro-life, Pro-family Leaders Praise McCain’s Choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for VP
August 28, 2008:
Researchers Make More Stunning Advances With Embryonic Stem Cell Alternative
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Racks Up Another Failure, Immune System Issues
Republican Party Platform Calls for Ban on Embryonic Stem Cell Research
National Right to Life calls GOP Platform “Strongest Ever” on Life Issues
Two More Bishops Have Come Out against Pelosi’s ‘Catholic’ Abortion Theology
Mexico Supreme Court Votes to Uphold Mexico City Law Allowing Abortions  Tragic!
August 27, 2008:
California Bill Promoting Suicide Almost to Governor, Pro-Life Group Worries
August 26, 2008:
Republican Party Platform Proposal Keeps Pro-Life Amendment on Abortion
Poll: Majority of Americans Disagree With Barack Obama on When Life Begins
Watchdog Group Says Barack Obama Misleading About Abortion, Infanticide Bill
Cardinals, Bishops and Congressmen Slam Pelosi on Abortion    More
Pro-Life Advocates Seek Guinness Record for Democratic Convention Abortion Sign
Large Prayer Rally at Denver Planned Parenthood During Democratic Convention
August 25, 2008:
National 40 Days for Life Event Hits 170 Cities and Canada to Oppose Abortion
Democratic Party Approves Platform Mirroring Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion View
August 24, 2008:
Sweden Abortions Increase Despite Much Higher Sales of Morning After Pill


This Week’s Illinois Right To Life Committee Announcements

Pro-Life week in review

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Also please note that IRLC Family Fun Night at Kiddieland is nearly here, coming on Friday September 5, 2008 (get details below).  If you have come to Kiddieland before, you know how everyone enjoys the evening.  If not, consider bringing your children or grandchildren to find out what you have been missing.
News Headlines on Life Issues:
August 21, 2008:
Bush Admin Officially Releases Regulations Protecting Doctors on Abortion
Articles in Prominent Medical Journal Doubt Worth and Benefit of HPV Vaccines
Hodari Abortion Mill Charged With 12 Counts Of Illegal Medical Record Dumping
World Health Organization Promotes Abortion Method in Bangladesh
August 20, 2008:
Planned Parenthood Plays Dirty with Legal Battle Against Aurora Pro-Life Citizens
Success with Re-growing Horse Ligaments Leads to New NIH Adult Stem Cell Center
Guatemalan Cardinal on Abortion: “It is just as serious to kill a 10 year-old child”
August 18, 2008:
Barack Obama Campaign Changes Its Story on Abortion-Infanticide Votes
August 17, 2008:
Post-Abortion Women Challenge Psychologists’ Claim of ‘Harmless’ Abortions
August 15, 2008:
Maryland Officials Drop Charges Against Pro-Life Advocates on Abortion Protest
Woman Awarded $2.78 Million in Malpractice Suit against Planned Parenthood Doctor
Westminster Exorcist Says Promiscuity can Lead to Demonic Possession
Barack Obama Would Reverse President Bush’s Stem Cell Research Policy

Illinois Right to Life News

Illinois Right To Life Committee


May Newsletter:

Supporters of Life:   My article below (Teens are going to …) responds to the Chicago Sun-Times April 30th editorial encouraging the elimination of government funding for abstinence education in Illinois, inaccurately claiming that it does not work. (It can also be accessed at   Please note time and location of coming events listed below, including:

  • witness at PP Express in Orland Park — 5/3/08  10am-12 Noon   
  • IRLC 21st Annual Charity Golf Outing  (6/2/08)
  • Fall 40 Days for Life planning meeting (6/5/08) 

Get the details under “Events“.    We hope that you find this email service helpful.  IRLC does not have a specific schedule for these emails.  Your feedback is welcome.    If you find the work of IRLC helpful, we would very much appreciate your support.  You can make a donation by phone (312-422-9300) using your credit card, or by mail with either check or credit card.    Regards,   Bill Beckman Executive Director Illinois Right to Life Committee 65 E. Wacker Place, Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60601 312-422-9300 312-422-9303 (24 hr newsline)      

  Teens are going to … 


 Illinois Right to Life News for Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Teens are going to …

The April 30 Chicago Sun-Times carried an editorial entitled “Abstain from taking abstinence-only funds”. My response to the Sun-Times editor appears below, but is unlikely to appear in the Sun-Times:


Teens are going to drink alcohol.  Most parents want their children to have accurate information to avoid blacking out , in addition to hearing about abstaining from alcohol. 

Teens are going to use drugs.   Most parents want their children to have accurate information to avoid killing themselves , in addition to hearing about abstaining from drugs. 

Most parents would disagree with the above statements so why would they agree with the Sun-Times editoral claim that “Teens are going to have sex.  Most parents want their children to have accurate information to avoid pregnancy and STDs … in addition to hearing about abstinence, surveys show.” 

Who took the surveys that showed this preference?  I am sure the survey wording failed to clarify what “comprehensive” sex education would do as an alternative, namely, teach that casual sex is always OK as long as it is “safe”.  When parents learn about the contents of “comprehensive” sex education, they prefer abstinence education by a wide margin.

The editorial also claimed (about abstinence education) “study after study shows the programs don’t work.”  Only two recent studies with this conclusion gained any publicity in the last two years.  Both of these studies have been challenged as unreliable because they were not conducted in anything close to a scientific manner.  Instead, they were done to confirm a preconceived and incorrect answer that abstinence does not work.   Many other studies have demonstrated that abstinence works very effectively.

The editor’s call for Illinois to “abstain from taking abstinence-only funds” would do a serious disservice to Illinois teenagers.  They deserve to know the truth that “safe” sex is not safe, but abstinence works every time it is tried.   Giving a mixed message about sex is like saying, “you should study hard, but it is perfectly OK if you end up with D’s.”  Teens need to be given some expectations to live up to!  They deserve better than “safe” sex!

Bill Beckman

Comment (on above article — received from Christine on Illinois Review):
I agree with the comparison between drug education and sex education. They have a zero tolerance stance toward drugs, drinking or smoking and expect kids to abstain. While I would never want my kid to smoke, I would rather they smoke than have unmarried sex. And chances are you can “experiment” with smoking or pot and suffer no permanent ill effects. And frankly I drank (at family gatherings and such) as a child with no harm done. That can’t be said for sex. Even if you escape any STDs or pregnancy, you will always carry the emotional burden of having casually given something away that can never be taken back.

Below are links to supporting information:

Mathematica Study (published in April 2007) criticized as flawed:
Mathematica Abstinence Study Uses Fuzzy Math 
CWA Says Study Debunking Abstinence is Flawed
Opponents are Wrong: Abstinence Education Has Not Failed

Rep. Henry Waxman’s Report on Abstinence Education Found Inaccurate and Misleading

Study: 83% Of Parents Say Its Important For Their Child To Save Sex Till Marriage

HHS Report: “Comprehensive” Sex Ed Ineffective, Offensive

Study Shows Abstinence Education Reduces Teenage Sexual Behavior
Drop in US Teen Sexual Activity Rates Linked to Abstinence Programs
Research on Abstinence Education  (Heritage Foundation)

Sex Education Will Be an Issue This November  (Fran Eaton)



 Events   ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

Planned Parenthood Express is NOT welcome in Orland Park, Illinois

Witness and Prayer Vigil

Saturday, May 3, 2008
10am to Noon  

(then June 7, 2008 10am-Noon)

Teenagers must be protected from
Planned Parenthood*

Please join us if you can, even if only for part of the time.

This prayer vigil will be held along the public sidewalk extending from 14470 LaGrange Road, Orland Park, IL  Parking is available at Orland Chateau, 14500 S.  LaGrange Road, but please park in back.

For more information, call Bill Beckman at 312-422-9300

* Contrary to their claims, Planned Parenthood’s birth control and sex education programs always lead to more unplanned pregnancies and more abortions, and that means more revenue for Planned Parenthood, already the largest abortion provider in the USA.

Speaking to Children about Abortion

Answering Common Objections to Graphic Pictures

Etiquette Tips for Pro-Aborts  (Dan Gura)



21st Annual IRLC

Monday, June 2, 2008

LaGrange Country Club
620 S Brainard Ave
La Grange, IL 60525-2743
(708) 352-0066

Lunch begins at 11:30am
Tee Time 1:00pm Shot-Gun
Dinner 6:30pm

Registration Form

Your contribution of $400 entitles you to
18 holes of golf, a free cart, lunch,
dinner, open bar and prizes.

Dinner-only tickets for spouses and/or guests
are available at $100 each.

You may also consider sponsoring a tee.
Tee signs are $325.

For more information, call 312-422-9300




40 Days for Life


September 24th through November 2nd


Planning Meeting


Thursday June 5, 2008


St. Mary of the Angels Church



You are invited and encouraged to attend a Thursday June 5th
organizational meeting in preparation for the
September 24th to November 2nd 40 Days for Life


This meeting will be held at St. Mary of the Angels Church
in the Breezeway Room


Dinner (pizza?) will be provided at 6:30pm


The planning meeting will start at 7:00pm


Please RSVP to 312-422-9300


Directions: The church is located right off I-90/94 Kennedy Expressway (go west after taking the Armitage exit).  The address is: 1850 N Hermitage Ave (between Bloomingdale Ave & Cortland St) Chicago, IL 60622.  The phone is (773) 278-2644.  The church is visible from the Expressway on the west side.


Potential agenda for June 5th meeting:
+  What 40 Days for Life is.
+  Ann Scheidler will discuss how she implemented this in her parish to get a lot of people involved.
+  Margie Breen will give the “how to” to help people prepare so that the day is a great experience.
+  Eric Scheidler will share his expertise and help “close the deal” for day captains.
+  Discuss issues of logistics, when people should call police, etc.



40 Days for Life Target location:  A decision was made at an initial meeting that the target location for this 40 Days for Life will be the Family Planning Associates Albany Medical-Surgical Center at Cicero and Elston.