Jill Stanek: Barack Obama “unmoved” by reports of infanticide

Stanek relates the story of how one night she saw a nurse bringing a baby to the soiled utility room to die, because the parents of the child did not want to hold it. The other nurse also did not have the time to hold the child. “When she told me what she was doing I couldn’t bear the thought of this suffering child dying alone,” says Stanek. “And so I cradled and rocked him for the forty-five minutes that he lived.”

Stanek recounts how, besides testifying before the federal House, she also testified before an Illinois State Senate Committee, a Committee on which Barack Obama sat.

“Barack Obama,” she says, “was unmoved, and actually opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.”

“This one guy, Barack Obama,” she says, “thought that infanticide was acceptable and voted to protect it. Some people said that Barack Obama was uninformed or may not have fully understood the implications of this bill. But he voted against it three times. That’s calculated.”

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First pro-life club meeting held at Elgin Community College in Illinois

Dolores Weber is a dedicated young pro-lifer who is trying to make a difference in her community.

The pro-life signs and slogans she posted all around the school campus have so far attracted about a dozen new members. Of course, some of her posters have been torn down or had ‘counter messages’ written on them like, “Abortion has been around for thousands of years, do you think making it illegal will make a difference.”

Dolores would be the first to tell her detractors that the answer to that question is an unqualified “Yes”!

One women shared the heart-rending personal testimony of being five months pregnant, with twins, and then being forced by her family to abort. A comprehensive Power Point presentation, along with a horrors of abortion “exhibit book” were used to better inform club members of the actual scope of the abortion problem in Illinois, America, and the world.

The student government had a few tricks up their sleeves, probably in the hopes of getting rid of her, but Dolores hung in there. Soon, after just about everyone in the school office got to know her, she finally obtained all the necessary approvals.

At one point in the process, a young man asked Dolores what group she represented. Hearing that it was the pro-life club, he loudly replied that he could not support the pro-life cause because he believed in the ‘exception in cases of rape and incest’. At that moment, a nearby woman stepped up and even more loudly exclaimed, “I am a product of rape!”

Jill Stanek, the nationally known pro-life advocate and nurse, who personally witnessed infanticide being committed in one of our  local hospitals, and publicly spoke out against it, is scheduled to talk about ‘Death in the Delivery Room’ at the May meeting.

Please pray for an end to abortion and for the continued success of the Elgin Community College Pro-Life Club.

Jill Stanek writes: Bishop Zurek admits to being a bit behind in his (Priests for Life) paperwork.

To clarify, PFL submits all financial statements and audits to Father Pavone’s diocese and members of PFL’s board of directors as soon as they are completed.

Thus, Bishop Zurek was admitting that the Amarillo Diocese has had PFL’s up-to-date financial records in its possession from the time Father Pavone joined the diocese in 2005 – contrary to Bishop Zurek’s allusion in his September 9 letter to all U.S. bishops that Father Pavone had “rebuff[ed] my every attempt at calling for financial transparency.”

In addition, Bishop Zurek went on to say in that October 5 letter, “I shall submit these statements to my advisors for review. After I have been advised about these financial statements, I shall forward to you all their concerns and questions.”

In other words, Bishop Zurek was conceding that neither he nor his advisers have ever analyzed PFL’s financial statements, even though he wrote a scathing letter to all U.S. bishops on September 9 all but accusing Father Pavone of financial malfeasance and recommending that parishioners withhold donations to PFL.

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Son of Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer founder in business with Planned Parenthood

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Psycho girl live tweeting her abortion gets more than she bargained for

For nine days, from Feb. 19-27, Jackson tweeted about such severe cramps she had difficulty walking across the room. She went through 17 Vicodin in six days and at a point soon after requesting a prescription for another 20.

Jackson tweeted nausea, vomiting, backaches, headaches and bleeding. Five days into her abortion experience, Angie commented on another blog, “Honestly I had no idea this would go on so long. I thought the entire abortion would take a few hours, as I’d read in a few stories. …”

At the bottom of this column you can read what Jackson’s suffering looked like in real time, where I’ve synopsized nine days of her tweets.

Planned Parenthood obviously did not explain the reality of an RU-486 abortion to Jackson, nor did any of her other sources.

But Edouard Sakiz, former chairman of Roussel Uclaf, the company that developed RU-486, stated:

As abortifacient procedures go, RU-486 is not at all easy to use. … True, no anesthetic is required. But a woman who wants to end her pregnancy has to “live” with her abortion for at least a week using this technique. It’s an appalling psychological ordeal.

Dr. Etienne-Emile Baulieu, who invented RU-486, stated:

It’s insulting to women to say that abortion now will be as easy as taking aspirins. It is always difficult, psychologically and physically, sometimes tragic.

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Watch this video all the way to the end

A President with no compassion for the least of us cannot be good, even for the best of us.

Barack Obama voted three times to permit babies born alive to be left out to die.

Barack Obama is a strident supporter of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and other pro-death groups, everywhere.

Barack Obama’s position on abortion and infanticide is more radical and more liberal than any of the above.

Compare this to the personal actions of both the Republican presidential and vice-presidential candidates, who have acted decisively to respect and preserve life (except for McCain’s misguided support for embryonic stem cell research).

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