Joliet Catholic Charities puts brakes on adoptions as civil unions begin

A letter from Catholic Charities in Joliet to the state does not mention the civil unions but does address the issue of same-sex couples.

“It is the religious practice of Catholic Charities not to place children with unmarried, cohabiting couples, whether same sex or opposite sex,” says the letter from Glenn Van Cura, executive director of Catholic Charities in Joliet.


Local Seattle columnist already giving “advice” to Bishop Sartain


… Our state’s Catholic governor spoke last year at a NARAL Pro-Choice Washington luncheon, while a pastor and bevvy of right-to-life activists recited the rosary on the street outside the Sheraton.

Western Washington used to be a hotbed of ecumenism. Outgoing Archbishop Alex Brunett has served as Vatican point-man on dialogue with Episcopalians and Anglicans.

But ordination of gay and lesbian Episcopal bishops has circumscribed cooperation. Bishop Sartain will need to work his way through lots of political correctness and relativism to carry out his pledge of “meaningful fruitful dialogue” with the Protestant brethren.

The Catholic Church here has championed social justice on a range of fronts, its bishops particularly outspoken on immigration.

Catholic clergy led the first mass immigrants’ rights march through downtown Seattle. When the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill requiring social service agencies to report illegals, Brunett responded with a blunt Lenten message: We will rat on no one.

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