Which is greater in God: Mercy or Justice?

We know that in God there is both mercy and justice; rather, that God is both mercy and justice. However, we also pray that, upon our death, we might meet in Christ not the just Judge, but the merciful Savior. Knowing that mercy and justice can never truly contradict one another, we might still ask which is greater in God, and which comes first and which is greater.
Is justice the foundation from which mercy builds? Or, is mercy the fundamental disposition of God toward his creatures?
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Editor’s note: Those who approach God in charity, and with genuine humility are likely to encounter their merciful Savior. Otherwise … ???

How do you get into Heaven?

Q: How do you get into Heaven?

A: God is love.

Love is another word for charity.

Anyone who departs this sphere of existence with at least some charity remaining in their soul is not likely to see eternal damnation.

That said, there’s no substitute for a lifetime of faithful and charitable participation in all of the work, worship, sacraments, and devotions of the Catholic church.

Of course, Jesus remains the sole judge.

California judge OKs underage abortion horror stories for voter information pamphlet

Sacramento, Aug 11, 2008 / 11:04 pm (CNA)- A California judge has ruled against Planned Parenthood and its allies who challenged the content of a voter information pamphlet’s arguments in support of Proposition 4, a ballot measure requiring abortionists to notify at least one adult relative before performing an abortion on a minor.

The arguments reference the story of “Sarah,” a 15-year-old who died in 1994 after suffering complications from a secretly obtained legal abortion, in addition to stories of other underage girls who obtained abortions without their parents’ knowledge.

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God loves us unconditionally?

Q: God loves us unconditionally?

If God loves us unconditionally, why is his love on condition of our belief in Him? And before you say some people “choose” to go to hell: Puh-LEEEEZE give a more sane answer.

A: When one has freedom of choice and of action, one is also free to reject unconditional love, much as a drug addict prefers his habit to the love of friends and family.

In such cases, the family typically still loves the addict, but due to the addict’s actions, that love is unable to make the critical difference.

The same thing also appears to be true in terms of God’s love … at least in relation to the natural aspects of our existence.

When one considers the supernatural though, anything is possible, including much of what we still do not fully understand.

God is the only competent judge of all things human. His love is both unconditional and inestimable, while his power and might remains infinite.

Those who truly know God also know that … except perhaps for a few of the most “hardened” of all human hearts … love will indeed find a way.

Since Jesus is “the way” it is incumbent upon all of us to assist in the “cause” of our own salvation, whenever possible. In a very real way, it is the least we can do!

John 3:16-17  For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son: that whosoever believeth in him may not perish, but may have life everlasting. For God sent his Son into the world, not to judge the world: but that the world may be saved by him.

And in the end, that’s what faith in God is all about.