Pope Francis finally gets around to a little “judging”: “The greatest sin today is that people have lost the sense of sin.”

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – “The greatest sin today is that people have lost the sense of sin” and therefore “the meaning of the kingdom of God” and in its place a “supernatural anthropological vision” has emerged according to which “I can do anything.”

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British Archbishop gets judgmental about protesters … but gives homosexuals a “pass”.

Asked by The Tablet whether “those protesting are making assumptions” about the “lifestyles” of the people attending the Masses, Longley replied, “I would assume that is the case, and so it isn’t for any of us to make those judgments which, in conscience, people make before God and also within the sacraments, particularly the sacrament of reconciliation assisted by the priests and other pastors within the Church.”

“The Church does not, as it were, have a moral means-testing of people before they come to receive the sacraments and it is very easy to jump to and come to the wrong conclusions about people when you don’t know them.

The people protesting and praying, however, have said that they have never been given a chance to express their concerns with the Catholic leadership and are shocked at being so casually dismissed as “judgmental”.

Editor’s note: Then why, Archbishop Longley, do you choose to judge ONLY those who are obviously NOT homosexuals, while giving a “pass” to those who openly advocate and practice the homosexual lifestyle, in opposition to authoritative Catholic Church teachings?