All About Eve: Satan quickly surmised that women are the key to ultimate human potential.


by Doug Lawrence

Nowhere in scripture do we read of Satan tempting Adam at any time, prior to the existence of Eve.

In fact, nowhere in scripture do we read of Satan directly tempting Adam, at all. All we can do is a bit of exegesis, based on the fact that Jesus Christ,  “The New Adam” – was tempted by Satan – and based on that, we can assume that Adam was tempted, as well.

But I digress!

The point is … humanity was going nowhere until God created Eve. Only then did the possibility exist of an entire race of human beings – numbering greater than the stars in the heavens and the sands on the sea shore (Genesis 22:17) and only then did Satan make his move: first, on Eve. Then, Eve quite easily enlisted Adam in their offense.

Consequently, mankind soon found himself evicted from Eden, in addition to being  permanently and hopelessly enslaved to Satan, sin and death. If not for the saving work of Jesus Christ, our Holy Redeemer, it would have remained so, for an eternity.

Satan continues to concentrate on Eve’s “daughters – sisters” to this very day. And except for the superabundantly graced, totally sinless Blessed Virgin Mary, “The New Eve” – most women tend to remain extraordinarily easy marks! I trust it is unnecessary to name names and cite specifics.

Not that men – except for Our Bless Lord, Jesus Christ – are any better. Most are just bold, recidivist sinners of a different gender. And life goes on.

Get wisdom, because it is better than gold:
and purchase prudence, for it is more precious than silver.
The path of the just departs from evil:
he that keeps his soul keeps his way.
Pride goes before destruction:
and the spirit is lifted up before a fall.
 (Proverbs 16:16-18)

Something to think about, this Advent!

Cardinals – What Came First – The Clergyman or the Bird?


Q: Cardinals – What Came First – The Clergyman or the Bird?

Where did the term “Cardinal” come from?

Did the Roman Catholic Church borrow the name and the colors from the bird, or was it the other way around? What does “Cardinal” mean, anyway?

A: Actually, the Church originated the term and the title around the end of the 4th century. The “red hat” that serves as the “badge of office” emerged a bit later.

Today, once must first be ordained a Bishop, in order to be a Cardinal. But that was not always the case.

And while there has over time, been some development and modification of the precise meaning of the term, the word itself is based on the Latin cardo (hinge), meaning “principal” or “chief”.

One might say that the success of various Papal policies and programs often “hinges” on the dedicated efforts of the men that the Pope appoints to the “college” of Cardinals.

The bird known as “the Cardinal” is found primarily in north America, so was obviously named in honor of the clergymen, some time after Columbus discovered America.

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