“Which is more important to you, the sanctity of life or the sanctity of the parking lot?”

With more than two weeks before election day, the battle in parish parking lots has already begun. A Catholic priest in Cleveland has threatened to sue Ohio Right to Life for passing out its voter guides in a parish parking lot.


New Catholic Teaching Aides from the Knights of Columbus


The award winning Luke E. Hart Catholic Studies Program
from the Knights of Columbus, is now available in MP3 audio, or in PDF text file format, free of charge, to everyone.

This is a wondeful series that is authentically Catholic, that complements RCIA and normal catechism studies, and can be played on most CD players and IPod/MP3 players.

Membership is not required, but every Catholic man should consider becoming a member of the Knights of Columbus, which currently numbers almost 2 million.

Funny hats are optional!

Click here to visit 

Survey: 58% of Americans Like the Pope. 81% don’t know much about him.


Survey: 58% of Americans Like the Pope. 81% don’t know much about him.

A recent university survey co-sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, shows that 58% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the Pope, while 81% claim they know little about him. 

In an attempt to remedy the 2nd issue, here’s a few bio’s on Benedict XVI:

From EWTN Television

From the Crossroads Initiative

From the United States Council of Catholic Bishops

From the Vatican