Today’s Question: How is it that Saint Pope John Paul II was able to stand before the Polish people, invoke the Holy Spirit and bring down the mighty, Soviet Union … but he was totally unable to root out any of the homosexual corruption that was … infesting every level of the Catholic Church?

How is it that Saint Pope John Paul II was able to stand before the Polish people, invoke the Holy Spirit and bring down the mighty, Soviet Union (without a single shot being fired) but he was apparently totally unable (or unwilling) to root out any of the virulent, homosexual corruption that was (and still is) known to be infesting every level of the Catholic Church?

Answer: Perhaps there’s only one of those extraordinarily rare, totally unexpected, “Black Swan Events” that instantly change the world, allowed, per customer?

Perhaps the “homosexual collective” within the Catholic Church
is actually more powerful than the Soviet Union,
courtesy of “The Smoke of Satan” that was duly noted
by Saint Pope Paul VI, way back in the 1970’s?

Pope John Paul II was able to successfully galvanize the faithful, Polish people into action, but it’s clear that nothing remotely similar has taken place, regarding the clerical scandals, by any high, Church official.

If anything, the opposite is true.

Diocesan priests have been forced to simply “shut up” and keep their heads down, indicating that silence is the price they must pay for being allowed to continue to do their priestly work.

Other priests – and even, bishops – particularly those with something to hide – are routinely blackmailed into submission – if they’re not summarily shipped off to Soviet style, reorientation (mental) facilities, run by the Church, for just that purpose.

John Paul II’s successor, Pope Benedict XVI,
was allegedly forced to resign,
when he dared to oppose the Church’s powerful,
“Lavender Mafia”.

To this day, nobody knows precisely why he quit.

What we do know, is that Pope Benedict was quickly replaced by “Jorge, the Bergoglion Menace, from Argentina” and the Catholic Church hasn’t been quite the same, since. In fact, if we continue to let “let Jorge do it”, the Catholic Church may never be the same, again.

Jorge Bergoglio – Pope Francis – evidently believes in keeping his enemies close, since he has promoted scandal ridden, openly homosexual clerics to many of the highest offices in the Vatican. Francis prefers to “room” with them, too – in the Vatican’s Santa Marta Hotel – rather than occupy the more traditional, Papal Apartments. The apparent justification: “Who Am I To Judge?”, says Francis.

I can think of at least one person who is totally qualified to judge!
Maybe it’s time we Catholics all got together
to invoke the divine help of Jesus Christ,
in combating Church corruption.

After all, Jesus founded the Church. Jesus remains the head of the Church. And of course, Jesus had his Judas, so he knows how it feels to be betrayed.

It should be noted that Judas constituted
about 8% of the Apostles, at the time.

Jesus is evidently, the only one who has the power and authority to “fire” a corrupt, heretic Pope, who has yet to display any truly Catholic, spiritual credentials.

Maybe Jesus is merely waiting for an appropriate request,
from “The Body of Christ”.

Let us pray…

An extensive, well researched, open letter to Pope Francis re: Homosexuality in the Church and elsewhere

The Language of Gayspeak

When I first read your response to Scamparini (on the papal plane, coming back from Brazil – ed.) I must confess that my attention was not drawn immediately to the Ricca scandal, but rather to the fact that you used the term “gay” or “gay person” no less than five times.

On June 6, 2013, you allegedly made a private comment to the members of the Latin America Confederation of Men and Women Religious affirming the existence of a “gay lobby,” inside the Vatican, but the term was later reported with quotes. [2] Such was not the case this time round. I must assume that your unfortunate decision to use the politically correct language of gayspeakwas deliberate. In normal times this action might have been overlooked with a wink and a nod, but in wartimes it smells of treason and corruption.

The war of which I speak is the war being waged by faithful Catholics and other civilized men and women across the world against the forces of organized sexual perversion. These are the forces of the enemies of the cross of Christ “whose end” Blessed Paul the Apostle tells us “is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.” (Epistle. Philip. 3, 17-19). The Homosexual Collective, aka, La Lobby Gay, has long been aware that to control language is to control the way people think since we think in terms of words. The words we speak determine the thoughts we have. It is by controlling language, a form of Pavlovian conditioning, that the Collective seeks to change the dominant shape of reality.

Unlike the word, homosexual, or the more traditional term, sodomite, the word “gay” is used by the Collective and its sympathizers to denote a “consciously united resistance to homophobic and heterosexual deployments of power relations.” [3] It is the task of the Homosexual Collective to transform the homosexual or sodomite into a “gay” man, and to define, control and validate “authentic” homosexual identity and behavior and all other aspects of “gay” life.

“Homophobia” as Ideology

As a related aside, in recent public statements you have consistently condemned the substitution of “ideology” for true Faith going as far as to denounce “ideological Christians” who “simply recite the same prayers they’ve memorized,” (presumably this includes the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be, traditional prayers which we cradle Catholics learned at the knees of our parents and which are especially helpful at times of great crisis in our lives). Yet you seem totally oblivious to the use of ideology by the Homosexual Collective when it is presented right in front of your nose.

Case in point is your personal, hand written correspondence of June 2013 with the leadership of the Italian pro-homosexual group Kairos which is based in Florence.

In their initial letter to you, Kairos called for openness and dialogue, and noted that closure to discussion “always feeds homophobia.” [4] Although the official text of your correspondence has not been released, according to a Kairos spokesman, your letter contained a “benedictory greeting” or “blessing.” A second letter from the Vatican Secretariat of State confirmed that you “really enjoyed” the Kairos letter, despite the fact that it was filled with all manner of ideologies including that represented by the use of the word “homophobia.”

Like “gay,” the term “homophobia” is a construct and successful political catchword in the Homosexual Collective’s arsenal which has acquired a special function in the service of power.

Read more from Randy Engel

How the Lavender Mafia operates within the Catholic Church


They know well, however, that they may be exposed and embarrassed, so they shield one another by offering mutual support. They build informal relationships reminding of a clique or even mafia, aim at holding particularly those positions which offer power and money.

When they achieve a decision-making position, they try to promote and advance mostly those whose nature is similar to theirs, or at least who are known to be too weak to oppose them. This way, leading positions in the Church may be held by people suffering from deep internal wounds.

They may actually achieve a dominating position in many areas of church hierarchy, become a “backroom elite” which actually has tremendous power in deciding about important nominations and the whole life of the Church. Indeed, they may even prove to be too powerful for honest, well-meaning bishops.

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Pope Francis privately acknowledges existence of sinister “Lavender Mafia” within the Catholic Church

Pope Francis reportedly confirmed the existence of a “gay lobby” within the Roman Curia, in a candid conversation with visiting religious from Latin America.

During a meeting with representatives of the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Religious (CLAR), the Pope spoke frankly about the need for reform in the Church and particularly in the Vatican bureaucracy. A report on the Pope’s remarks, furnished by one of the CLAR representatives who spoke with the Pontiff, has appeared on a Chilean web site, Reflexion y Liberacion.

The Pope’s remarks, according to the CLAR correspondent, included an admission that “there is also a current of corruption” within the Roman Curia. “There is talk about a ‘gay lobby,’ and it’s true, that exists,” the Pope continued.


This Week’s “Dispersing the Smoke of Satan”: Persecuted Priests

In 1972, Pope Paul VI observed,

“From some fissure,
the smoke of Satan
has entered the Temple of God.”

The purpose of this weekly column is to help wake
the bulk of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics
from their self-imposed slumber
and powerfully remind them of who they are,
and what they are called by God, to be.

This week’s story: Persecuted Priests

How many ways do bad bishops punish good priests? Take your pick: exile, silencing, mandatory evaluation at pseudo-psychiatric facilities like St. Luke’s, frequent reassignment, making them permanent parochial vicars with no hope of becoming pastors, marginalization, driving them out (to other dioceses or the military vicariate), whispering campaigns that designate them “mentally unstable” or “unfit for ministry,” etc. The ultimate punishment, the bishop’s sword of Damocles, so to speak, is suspension. It hangs over the head of a good priest who knows his “spiritual father” will use it. How many orthodox priests hear variations of the threat, “You have no idea what I can do to you!” But the good priests do know. They’ve seen the sword fall on their brothers.

Many orthodox priests live in fear that their bishops will remove their priestly faculties. Why? Because they are having an affair with a parishioner’s wife? Because they’re hoarding porno flicks in the closet? Because they’re letting a homosexual buddy live in the rectory? No! Because they defend the faith vigorously against the evils of modernism and the homosexual subculture.

Recently a priest in Florida, Fr. John Pasquini, e-mailed me asking for help. He’s in trouble because he wrote to a local newspaper criticizing homosexuality in the Episcopal Church. But I’ll let him tell the story in his own words.

“I was assigned as a parochial vicar at St. Juliana’s Church in West Palm Beach when the Episcopalian Bishops voted to consecrate an openly homosexual bishop and approve the blessing of gay marriages. I wrote an editorial arguing that this was contrary to 2000 years of Christianity, that homosexual actions are contrary to God’s law, Scripture, natural law and the complimentarity of the sexes. Shortly after my editorial, the Episcopalian bishop for the region of Florida wrote a letter to the chan-cery arguing that my statements were harmful to ecumenism.

“Rev. Alfredo Hernandez wanted me out of his parish after this incident. His friend, the Vicar General, Charles Notabartolo, called me out of nowhere and asked me if I wanted to serve as the chaplain of St. Mary’s Hospital. I knew immediately what that meant and so I challenged him on the move. He responded that my editorial letter “was way out of line.” This now makes sense, since Rev. Notabartolo was accused and settled out of court a case regarding his alleged sexual advances on another priest that were rebuffed. Fr. Charles told me that I would never be a pastor in this diocese. (our emphasis)

“From there I went to an interview at St. Mary’s hospital. I was kept waiting in the lobby for two hours and then drilled for one hour in [the interviewer’s] office. He argued that some on the staff felt that my position on homosexual actions was troubling. What was supposed to be a formality clearly was not. I left after being informed they were intending to interview other applicants.

“At that time I knew I had no place to go. Fr. Alfredo wanted me out of his parish and St. Mary’s thought I was too controversial. An interesting side issue: I once came home early from my day off and there at the dinning room table playing cards was a legendary group of pro-homosexual priests. It now all made sense!

I made inquiries at Ave Maria University, and Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., hired me in January 2004 to serve as an assistant chaplain. I will be eternally grateful to him. After a short period of time I realized that I missed being a parish priest and so asked Bishop Barbarito to find me a place. I have been at St. Jude’s in Tequesta ever since. But I have clearly been “blacklisted” and “ostracized” by a strong homosexual subculture and/or pro-homosexual priests. I have applied for pastorates at least 11 times and have been turned down. I once was the only one to apply for a parish that no one wanted. The personnel board went out and asked another priest to take the parish, so that I would never be a pastor. Just recently, they gave a parish to a priest who was ordained only two years. I have given up on applying.

“This hatred echoes amongst many of the pro-homosexual agenda priests. I was giving a talk at a parish recently. Afterwards the priest came out and confronted me with the most vile and vulgar of curse words. He literally kicked me off his property, threatening to call the police if I didn’t leave!”

Fr. Pasquini lives in constant fear of removal as do many of his faithful brothers around the country. Few speak out. Our readers know the pitiful saga of Fr. James Haley, removed from ministry in Arlington in 2000 for asking Bishop Paul Loverde to take action against a succession of immoral pastors with whom Haley was assigned. They included an adulterer and two porn addicts, one of whom embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from St. Lawrence. Fr. Haley’s case remains unresolved. Fr. Joe Clark, suspended by Bishop Loverde for correcting the liturgical abuses of a permanent deacon, also remains in limbo after nearly ten months. It seems unlikely these priests will be reinstated without outside intervention.

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Submitted by Sharon F.

Ukrainian Catholic leader: married priesthood not cause of vocation boom. (But it doesn’t hurt!)

“In our tradition, we do have a married clergy, but a married clergy is not the main reason we have so many young priests,” he said, noting that religious orders, which require a vow of consecrated chastity, also have numerous young vocations. “The possibility of being a married priest is not the main cause of an increase or decrease in vocations to the priesthood because this vocation comes from God.”


Editor’s note: So, Archbishop Shevchuk, accepting the fact that EVERY vocation comes from God … would you at least agree that restricting priestly holy orders only to celibate males AUTOMATICALLY RULES OUT about NINETY PERCENT of those who might otherwise, be perfectly ready, willing, and able to serve?

It took a meeting of the minds for the apostles to decide that circumcision would no longer be necessary for Christians. Thank God … since a requirement for circumcision would have constituted a very significant disincentive to conversion and Church membership …. at least, for adult men.

It’s high time the successors to the apostles got together and figured out a way to gracefully accommodate a married male priesthood in the Latin church, since unlike the woman priest issue, there’s absolutely no doctrinal reason to limit the Catholic priesthood only to celibate males.

I suspect the underlying issue with a married priesthood is that it might serve to seriously dilute the influence of the “Lavender Mafia”, flooding the ranks of the Catholic clergy with real men, instead of the feminized, girly types that we seem to have so many of, these days. All the more reason to just do it!