What’s in your local abortion clinic?

By Bryan Brown for The News-Sentinel

Conservative presidential campaigns issue promises to end the reign of big government.

As a general rule, the more conservative the candidate, the less enamored with governmental oversight. Conversely, the more liberal the candidate, the more enamored with governmental oversight.

With one glaring exception, that is. That sole exception is the grisly and carnivorous abortion industry.

By way of example, consider a Jan. 4, 2012, article from the Chicago Tribune, dateline Rockford, Ill. An abortuary closed down last September due to health and safety violations has been ordered to pay out $9,750 in fines to the state of Illinois.

This sounds like great news, but it is far too little and comes far too late. (Doesn’t it seem a trifling “tribute” to pay for enjoying the state-countenanced privilege of butchering the next generation of American citizens?)

The realpolitik of the situation is this: Political pressure and troubling revelations regarding the status quo ante inside the outpatient facilities advancing the culture of death finally moved Illinois bureaucrats to action.

According to The Associated Press, once Illinois officials finally caved to the political realities and inspected the Rockford mill they discovered “unsanitary practices,” informal procedures, a dearth of surgically trained nurses and an abortionist without admitting privileges at any Illinois hospital. The long-overdue inspection of this notorious front-alley abortion clinic resulted in a government-ordered shutdown lasting three months.

The unsanitary conditions documented included “brown tissue” staining surgical instruments and “brown tissue” splattered into boxes of allegedly sanitary gloves. All three of the Rockford mill’s abortion procedure rooms failed the sanitary inspection.

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Bryan J. Brown is executive director of ArchAngel Institute