Cardinal Cupich video reveals disturbing practice of pagan idol worship, at Mass

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Priest reports: Liturgical abuse in Germany “horrible”. Mass is no longer Catholic. And there’s more…


My colleague said it:
“. I remember, you were pale then and came to my room and hammered your fists against the wall.”
And all this happens even though the bishops, after having been admonished by Rome, sent their priests clear instructions.

You have never let me celebrate, because they have understood that I am a priest who faithfully followed the Roman Missal and fearing perhaps that the faithful could make a comparison. […]

“Not Only Contemptuous Disobedience, but Devilishly”

All this is not only contemptuous disobedience and contempt for the authority of the Church. All this is demonic, because it is non-Catholic thinking and a non-Catholic style in the Catholic Church which is enforced with violence. It not only it thus intended to take away the people of God’s faith, one goes even further: it wants to take away their faith in the Church.

In Rome you know these things exactly. “Perhaps we will soon do something concrete?”

“What?” laughed my colleague. “They will give the Archbishop a cardinal’s hat at the next consistory, because certain Archbishop seats are connected to the dignity of Cardinal. But the owners of this right are obviously not obliged to ensure that their priests obey Church law.”

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Just when I thought I had seen everything: Half naked Jesuit does Hindu dance around the altar.


“Clown Mass” recently celebrated by Catholic Archbishop


Yes, that is face paint on the Archbishop!


Ad-libbing priest decides to fight

The Rev. Bill Rowe of St. Mary Parish is set to be replaced in June after a controversy based on his long-standing practice of changing parts of the liturgy to, as he has said, make it easier to understand.

But Rowe said Tuesday that he has retracted his offer to resign and will fight any effort by Bishop Edward Braxton to remove him. Rowe said he may be entitled to a hearing under cannon law as to whether making changes in liturgy constitutes a serious violation worthy of removal.

Referring to the practice in the Catholic Church of using communion wafers and wine to symbolize the body and blood of Jesus Christ, Rowe said, “It’s not like I’m using pizza or Coke and praying to Allah. I’ve not done anything like that.”

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Editor’s note – Just a couple of points:

The Mass, which is the universal prayer of the whole Church, is not and never has been subject to the whims of any clergyman or lay person.

Jesus Christ originally gave us the words … and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church alone has the limited authority to change them. Not you. Not me. And certainly not some local parish priest!

At Mass, the communion wafers and wine not only symbolize the body and blood of Jesus Christ … but that same bread and wine actually becomes His real and substantial body, blood, soul and divinity.

Once Jesus becomes present on the altar for us, the Church uses very specific language in order to consistently pray for, and hopefully receive, whatever blessings and divine sustenance is necessary for the good of the Church … and the world.

Accomplished in union with Jesus Christ and the whole church, the Mass is being constantly celebrated somewhere on earth, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year … as it has been for almost two thousand years, now.

As such, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a much “bigger deal” than anyone … even a priest … could possibly imagine. Priests who choose to “make it up” as they go along obviously don’t understand this … since if they did, they wouldn’t even dream of changing any of the words. And this is never just a “minor” issue!

Vatican II says nothing about ad-libbing priests, other than confirming the continuous and constant teaching of the Church that such acts are both ill advised and illicit. If taken to extremes, such liberties might even serve to make the Mass totally invalid.

Father Bill needs to get his pride under control. If he wants to better educate his parishioners, he can rightly do so during the sermon/homily. Or he can schedule specific courses of instruction on the Mass, as do so many other Catholic parishes.

In short, no matter how his favorite parishioners might “feel”, Father Bill’s actions are wrong, he has absolutely no right to change even one iota of the sacred liturgy, and he would be wise to simply apologize and repent, as all sinners are wisely counseled to do.

Or perhaps .. he might consider a new career in show business!

How to recognize liturgical abuse

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