Mass Question: What to pray when signing the forehead, lips and heart with the Cross of Christ, just before the Holy Gospel is proclaimed?


Jola asks,“Exactly what words should we be praying as we make the sign of the cross on our forehead, lips and heart, at Mass, just before the Holy Gospel is proclaimed?”

This is what should be happening during that time:

(The priest or deacon bows before the altar and says inaudibly: Almighty God, cleanse my heart and lips that I may worthily proclaim your Gospel.)

The Lord be with you. And with your spirit.

A reading from the gospel according to… Glory to you, Lord.

Pray as you sign your forehead, lips and heart with the Cross of Christ:

May the Word of the Lord be in my mind,
on my lips and in my heart.

This is the gospel of the Lord. Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ. (The priest or deacon kisses the book saying inaudibly: May the words of the Gospel wipe away our sins.)

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