Live Action President Lila Rose calls on America’s “big three” news distributors – ABC, CBS, and CNN – to stop censoring the facts of the abortion debate.


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The “glamour” of New Mexico abortions


A new undercover video shows how a late-term abortion practitioner abandons women during the multi-day abortion process and leaves them alone in hotel rooms to deliver babies, telling them to “just sit on the toilet.”

Live Action has released the sixth video in its latest undercover investigation. The video exposes abortion doctors at Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico revealing disturbing aspects of the facility’s protocol, including the practice of leaving women alone in hotel rooms to deliver their dead children.

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Video: Live Action goes undercover in the notorious LeRoy Carhart abortion mill

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OK … Let’s play “Who’s the Real Terrorist!”

Cesare Santangelo, the D.C. abortion doctor who told a pro-life activist that he wouldn’t help a baby born alive as a result of a failed abortion, described the group that recorded the conversation as “terrorism.”

“I don’t like to feed into these people,” Santangelo told The Washington Post to explain why he hasn’t watched the recording of his interview with a Live Action activist. “I really consider them terrorists.”

Santangelo described what would happen in the event of a failed abortion while talking to an activist posing as someone seeking an abortion.

“You know, legally we would be obligated to help it, you know, to survive,” he says in the video.  “But, you know, it probably wouldn’t.  It’s all in how vigorously you do things to help a fetus survive at this point.  Let’s say you went into labor, the membranes ruptured, and you delivered before we got to the termination part of the procedure here, you know?  Then we would do things – we would – we would not help it.”

He stood by the comment, though he told The Washington Post that he would call paramedics.


Editor’s note: Who wants to bet the that the number of times Dr. Santangelo called paramedics in order to save a born alive baby is less than “1”?

What Do People Say After Watching an Abortion?

At, we host a video of an actual abortion with the vast majority of images and video coming from the 1st trimester. The video content is graphic so take that warning into consideration before viewing. We accept responses below the video at and here are the ten most recent:

  1. The Truth of abortion is the means to its end, it is so horrific that only by suppression of the truth has it been able to stand so long. Over 53 million killed in the US alone and twice that many  lives of parents devastated by its curse on their relationships, conscience, well being, dreams and future. It is time for us to Believe God and as one Church let His Light Shine upon this Darkness which can not stand in the Light of Christ. Who declares preborna are Children not Choices.God is calling All Believers  to end the slaughter and lift our Vote, Voice & Life  for Preborn Life.
  2. Horrific and true. i want to post this but i don’t think my circle of friends could handle it, i will download to have it handy when I meet someone who denies the reality of abortion as murder.
  4. Thank you for this video. May God bless you and give you courage to do even more to save babies.
  5. How could any one do this to a helpless child. I can’t stop crying……
  6. I wanna know why the F YouTube has been dilligently censoring this video. I dont care if I gotta open up 100 accounts! This TRUTH will NOT be silenced!
  7. This is soooo heartbreaking but it needs to be seen. Hopefully someone considering abortion will see this and have their hearts and minds changed!!! Thank you for this!!!
  8. This is such a powerful message!
  9. Pro-choice and proud.
  10. So powerful. It hits me harder every time I see images like this, as the reality of what abortion is slowly chips away at the numbness that I’ve built up towards it. Abortion ends a human life. We cannot tolerate it. End of story.

LiveAction.Org Pro-Life Graphics: Pretend I’m a tree and save me.

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Lila Rose is a pro-life hero

A young woman who has become a household name in the pro-life movement will be addressing the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast tomorrow.

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Planned Parenthood: YES … we have NO mammograms.

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Editor’s note: Planned Parenthood spent over $100 Million on fund-raising and PR last year, as the federal government gave them a $350 Million subsidy, to help them carry on their grisly and wholly immoral work. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood falsely claims to provide essential health care services to women, while downplaying their actual purpose … which is to kill innocent babies.