Writer (correctly) claims that Jesus was a model citizen … and proves it with scripture.

1. Jesus loved His country, “His own country” (Mt. 13:54, 57).

2. He kept its laws, refusing to be made a king or start a political revolution (Jn. 6:15; and at his Triumphal Entry, Mk. 11:1-11).

3. He recognized the right of taxation (Mk. 12:17), and paid taxes
(the temple tax, Mt. 17:24-27).

4. He was loyal to national institutions like the temple and synagogue.

5. Jesus recognized first claim of His country (Mt. 10:6; Lu. 24:47).

6. He warned it of its perils (Mt. 23:37-39).

7. Rebuked its officials (Mt. 23:1-36).

8. Jesus wept over its sins and impending doom (Lu. 19:41-44).

Our nation could be changed quickly if every leader elected to serve in our nation’s capitol and all our state capitols would read and obey these words of Jesus about citizenship.