“Somehow the White House has missed the memo that PLANNED PARENTHOOD DOESN’T PROVIDE MAMMOGRAMS…”

Obama extolled Planned Parenthood’s “fight” for women in the video, suggesting that the group helped women receive “mammograms,” alongside praise for its efforts providing affordable contraception.

“So when some professional politicians casually say that they’ll ‘get rid of Planned Parenthood,’ don’t forget what they’re really talking about: eliminating the funding for preventive care that millions of women rely on and leaving them to fend for themselves,” said Obama.

Kristan Hawkins, head of Students for Life of America, called it “outrageous” that Obama would repeat the claim that Planned Parenthood performs mammograms, after extensive coverage pointing out that the abortion organization does not provide the service.

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Planned Parenthood: YES … we have NO mammograms.

Watch the short, Live Action/Lila Rose video

Editor’s note: Planned Parenthood spent over $100 Million on fund-raising and PR last year, as the federal government gave them a $350 Million subsidy, to help them carry on their grisly and wholly immoral work. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood falsely claims to provide essential health care services to women, while downplaying their actual purpose … which is to kill innocent babies.