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A short anti-life history of the March of Dimes

By the start of the 1970s, the MOD’s commitment to eugenics and all that the commitment implies was evidenced by the plethora of openly pro-abortion speakers on the MOD circuit, by the addition of known eugenicists to its various National Advisory

Committees, by the eugenic writings found in their Original Articles Series, by the MOD’s energetic funding and promotion of mid-trimester, non-therapeutic prenatal diagnostic research, clinical testing, and by its provision of seed monies to expand eugenic services at university-based medical centers throughout the United States.

Once the key officials of the MOD accepted the fundamental premise of eugenics — that there are certain people who never should be born, and that it is a positive act for families and society to insure that such persons are not born — the fate of the MOD was chiseled in stone. This report is the story of the NF/MOD’s journey into the killing fields of eugenics.

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