Seen on the web: The Obama incursion on the Church, Her Natural Moral Law, and our rights, is real, and if he succeeds, it will be America’s Death Knell.

6/1/2012 9:18 PM CDT


IRT: “Painting our present U.S. government as attacking Catholic religious liberty invokes dangerous hyperbole and disrespects the exceptional character of our country. Catholic America knows better.”

ANS: Catholics apparently do not know better; The Catholic majority voted for Clinton’s second presidency, after the expose of his debauchery, his reckless disregard for the law, his oath of office, and his abuse of the sanctity of his office. Then the Catholic majority endorsed a Marxist Socialists obsessed with the ruination of America.

Recent evidence of Obama’s Marxist advocacy was to reward a self-proclaimed Marxist, Dolores Huerta with the Medal of Freedom, in the context other Marxists, Browner, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Mao Zedong, The Medal also went to John Paul Stevens a pro-Abortionist anti-Catholic who in Lawrence v. Texas noted that the NML was subjective, and served no legitimate purpose to the State, and therefore, was not a legitimate basis for Civil Law, when it is the basis for all Civil Law.

The WWII, the expose of the Nazi death camps and the legacy of Hitler’s incomprehensible maniacal madness, and the overall of destruction of Germany, the Russian control of East Germany, prompted one German to ask, “How could this have happened.” You might call to mind Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets. “First, they came for the communists then the unions, the Jews, the Catholics and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t any of them. Then they came for me, and there was no one to speak out for me.”

Edmund Burk wrote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

In the wake of “Roe v. Wade,” over 52 million have died and the toll of murdered unborn continues. The majority has remained silent as the slaughter and continues to never ending of the extirpation America’s posterity and Her ingeniousness, entrepreneurship, and prodigy.

De Tocqueville made this observation, “America is great because She is good; when She ceases to be good, She will cease to be great. America is ceasing to be great. She is incrementally devouring herself, cannibalizing her unborn, legalizing a Culture of Death, and promoting the Sexual Revolution. Incrementally, America is losing its goodness, emasculating our inalienable rights step by step and Obama a Marxist Socialist is at the helm forcing Abortion and promoting Gay Marriage, and the adoption by Gays..

An assault on the Natural Moral Law (NML) is an assault on the Catholic Church. Thus, when St. Paul persecuted Christians, Jesus asked him, “Saul, Saul why are you persecuting Me?” An assault on the NML is an assault on Jesus. The Catholic Church is the guardian of the NML

The Obama incursion on the Church, Her NML, and our rights, is real, and if he succeeds it will be America’s Death Knell…


The correct response to the Obamacare mandate: Direct, forceful, definitive and ongoing actions by courageous and defiant religious and lay leaders.

How can we act to make the most of this situation? A glance at the city of Nowa Huta, Poland provides insight. Nowa Huta was described by Brian Whitmore of THE BOSTON GLOBE, as the place “…where George Orwell’s dark vision of a perfect industrial metropolis was executed with stunning precision. Until, that is, the workers rose up and overthrew Big Brother”
In this grimy steel town the workers wanted a church. The communists said no. The Archbishop of Kraków, Karol Wojtyla, persisted and defiantly held Mass on the site for years. Workers replaced every cross removed or destroyed by the State. Eventually the State caved.
What is needed now is for our bishops and other religious administrators to publicly defy the mandate and keep the institutions open without compliance. We must not give these Marxists the opportunity to seize the assets of religious and charitable institutions.
Our duty, yours and mine, is to assist them, to encourage them by letters and prayers. But our duty extends far beyond this rally in effort and time. We must make ourselves loud enough to be heard. We must be vigorous and persistent in creating prayerful and lively sit-ins in our politicians offices. We need to wheedle , encourage, beg , plead – what-ever it takes – to get our bishops, rabbis, ministers and priests to get motivated to the point of action. We must help them understand that a single pastoral letter to the flock is worthless without the personal courage to lead from the front. We long ago passed from the diplomatic maneuverings of 1938 to the brutal fighting of Stalingrad.
What is needed is direct, forceful, definitive and ongoing actions by courageous and defiant religious and lay leaders.
We need to tell them we will be standing next to them, saying“I will go to jail with you!” And above all we must pray daily, unceasingly, for the conversion and confounding of those whose word and deed threaten us and our nation with such malice. We have a right and duty to pray for our deliverance from evil.
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President Barack Hussein Obama, what is it about “The Bill of Rights” you don’t understand?

by Doug Lawrence

The people who founded the United States of America were intimately familiar with tyrants, along with all their petty, self-serving and unjust edicts. They also knew that the only answer to such edicts and the people who made them was a firm and resounding  “NO”!

The Revolutionary War was fought in order to give a permanent and  particular kind of life to that “no” … and as a warning to petty despots … anywhere and everywhere … that there is now a “free people” on the earth who will accept nothing less than liberty, and who will also be quite happy to give their lives in defense of the God-given rights of all.

But many of our contemporaries seem to think the founding fathers were wrong, that the God-given rights that they so painstakingly enumerated, defined, and enshrined were somehow inadequate, that those rights lacked a divine origin, in fact … and that what we Americans know as “The Bill of Rights” and “The U.S. Constitution” should somehow be reformed or replaced with something more to their liking.

They even go so far as to label those who choose to uphold and defend the traditional rights of all Americans as “mean-spirited bigots” … while at the same time, attempting to rewrite the very history of our great country.

In an attempt to besmirch the reputations of the founding fathers … while trumpeting the cause of “diversity” … these shameless anarchists happily point out that all of the founding fathers … without exception … were men!

In an attempt to undermine the divine basis of the God-given rights that we Americans, and by extension … all human beings possess … they love to trot out (and have been quietly working for generations to codify) an imaginary, totally non-existent  “wall of separation between church and state”.

In an attempt to “sneak” all of this by the American people, they have succeeded in “dumbing down” the younger generations through their successful infiltration of the teachers unions and their subversion of the primary and secondary school systems.

Our great universities have become havens for an outspoken “protected class” of “secular theologians” … godless professors … many of whom are avowed Marxists and blatant, outright haters of the American way … who, at great expense … and with considerable pomp and circumstance … churn out mindless hordes, formed in their own image and likeness, lacking any sense of who they really are, where they actually came from, or what their actual rights, responsibilities and potential as “free people” … might truly be!

Hollywood and the mainstream media grow fat by feeding this massive group of clueless sycophants a steady diet of mental “pap” and “pablum”, while corporate America grows rich … keeping them busy and quite off balance … by “stoking the fires” of their mindless personal quest for money, approval, and influence (as opposed to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.)

Fortunately, recent events have served to bring all these things to light, in the presidency and the particularly corrupt regime of one Barack Hussein Obama, who in his notorious speaking engagement at the formerly Catholic, Notre Dame University, unwittingly became the national “poster boy” for all of the abuses mentioned above (and unfortunately, many, many more.)

The only answer to tyrants like Barack Obama, to all those of his political party, and to all his political operatives, no matter under which rock they might presently be be hiding … is a firm, unyielding “NO”. And the best place to firmly register that “NO” is at the ballot box, come November.

As for the specific “whys” … have a look at “The Bill of Rights”!

Psychology in the Age of Obama

While the field of psychology has always been liberal, now the radicals have virtually hijacked the profession. With Obama in office, the militants are emboldened.

For instance, psychology students are indoctrinated from day one in the triumvirate of multiculturalism, social justice, and white privilege. Students are strong-armed into accepting all alternative lifestyles, even ones that diverge from their moral principles. Naysayers are oftentimes persecuted, if not outright expelled.

Psych grad students have been run out of the profession for not marching in lockstep with the radicals’ drummer. In a couple of recent cases, Christian women have been kicked out of their programs for not supporting homosexuality.

In a situation closer to home, militants have pressured CAMFT, the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, to expel reparative therapists. (Reparative therapists offer services to homosexuals who are unhappy with their lifestyle and want to go straight.)

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Deconstructing the Essential Father

Marxist feminists and others have seized upon this notion of male domination and concluded that all men oppose women.  They then urge the “deconstruction” and “deculturation” of fatherhood in the interest of producing a genderless society in which there can be no possibility of male oppression.  Such a revolution, however, if it could be brought about, would mean the end of both fatherhood and motherhood.  What these revolutionaries fail to understand is that fatherhood is of indispensable significance and should not be rejected and replaced, but redeemed and restored.

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Marxists posing as Christians

Pastors of many denominations are in close contact with Rev. Jim Wallis, an openly avowed socialist/Marxist who is a member of President Obama’s “Faith Council” and is described as a spiritual adviser to the president. These pastors are behind the scenes busily helping the president. They’re defiantly cheering Obama on as he becomes more unbending and aloof in his thoughts. Yes, he is a master at working out a very successful strategy of redistribution of wealth, or what is cleverly called “social justice.” If anyone of importance says one word against the president or his big-government policies, they are demonized.

Americans need to understand the destructive role that churches and pastors of once-conservative denominations are playing. They have allowed progressives into their fold and given them high offices within their churches. They stand ready to help re-elect Obama. They will gladly help him pass his green agenda — Cap and Trade. These denominations are no longer America’s friend. The United Council of Churches consists of little more than progressive ideologues. They neither love their country nor respect the Word of God. They are on the side of tyranny. Any denomination that mirrors their teachings should be viewed with suspicion. “While I pray that God will have mercy on their souls, we must show them no mercy politically. They are but another well-organized group of traitors to this nation” — Erik Rush.

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Editor’s note: Plenty of Catholic lay people, priests and bishops are included in the above! The Catholic Church ceased to be conservative shortly after the Vatican II reforms were implemented. With the traditional Catholic Church “out of the way” … and while most of us were too busy working to pay our home mortgages and feed our families … the promoters of “Social Justice” took over most of the big city dioceses … and we now have exactly the type of government (and church) that we rightly deserve. May God help us all!

Real Catholic TV says Obama intends to destroy the Church


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