It is long past time for Catholics, Jews, Protestants, and secular humanists to give Planned Parenthood the long goodbye.

…my heroic wife Mary fired her female obstetrician who suggested that she abort our son, because she was certain he would be born either with Downs Syndrome or spina bifida. Mary cut this elegant and trendy broad to ribbons -verbally, of course – and sent her packing. “So the Hell What? This is my Child, you bitch!” That is the clean version.

Abortion has become the cosmetic make-over for inconvenience and Americans have no patience for inconvenience. We of peasant stock understand and celebrate the inconvenience of children -healthy, sick, nice, mean, handsome and homely, they are all beautiful!

That said, I detest Planned Parenthood. They are a political PAC. One third of its funding was made available by politicians like Sen. Dick Durbin through federal funding and, more shame on me, channeled and directed here in Illinois by Gov. Pat Quinn, for whom I supported, worked and voted.

Both politicians are Irish Catholic Democrats who accept Planned Parenthood’s blood money. Polish Catholic Congressman Dan Lipinski refuses it – God Bless Him!

Now, every Democratic candidate for mayor is supported by Planned Parenthood -Chico, Braun, DeValle, Emanuel, Walls. Chico was born Catholic, but I believe he converted to Judaism – making only DeValle the Catholic in the crowd. Miguel De Valle is the IVI-IPO Progressive Blue Chip Candidate and therefore Planned Parenthood approved.

Given the recent light shed on the horrors that are Planned Parenthood ( New York, Philly Kermit Gosnell’s Slaughter of living babies and videos), is it not time for Catholic Chicago to ask some questions of the next mayor – whoever that may be?

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