Certain state governments are willing to pay up to $9000 for a $500 abortion

Other than the fact that abortion is never justified and is totally immoral, a number of states subsidize the bloody trade by paying exorbitant fees … making tax payers complicit in the deaths of innocent babies and bilking them out of their hard earned money … with virtually no accountability.

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Huge State Medicaid deficits “Dirty Little Secret” driving Obamacide health bill


The “dirty little secret” nobody is mentioning is that a federal, universal health care bill would relieve the states of their obligation to provide (and pay for) medical care for their citizens.

And once a federal bill becomes law, the feds would be able to “cover” health care costs merely by printing more “funny money” … and printing “funny money” is something that individual states simply cannot do.

Of course, medical costs make up a huge portion of the current deficits that most states (like California, Illinois, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, etc. are currently running.

Why hasn’t anyone in the Obama administration (or Congress) said anything? What are they hiding? What more do they have in store for us, if we let them get away with this?