Michelle Obama lies when she claims her husband tells the truth

President Obama has just released a new web ad, in which he he claims to be a defender of religious freedom and a great admirer of the of faith in our public life.

I take great encouragement from President Obama’s latest web ad—not because I believe a word he says, but because it shows that our massive, grassroots campaign to stop Obama’s HHS Mandate and restore religious freedom is working.

President Obama realizes he’s vulnerable on the religious freedom issue. It shows he’s worried—and he should be, especially with the next wave of nationwide Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies coming on October 20, just 17 days before Election Day.

If President Obama really valued the role of faith in public life, he wouldn’t be trying to force employers to violate their religious convictions. He wouldn’t be willing to see institutions like Christian Colleges and Catholic Hospitals shut down rather than submit to a mandate that forces them to violate their core values.

Obama’s record shows that his “unwavering commitment” isn’t to religious liberty, but to the radical pro-abortion agenda of Planned Parenthood.

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Obamas “Punished” By Two Children On National Television

Obamas “Punished” By Two Children On National Television

by Doug Lawrence

After Michelle Obama wrapped up her Convention speech, the Obama’s two daughters came out on stage for a little long distance, TV Land, back and forth, with “daddy”.

The big questions, now:

Why would Barack allow his lovely wife to be “punished” by having two children?

Why didn’t he simply have them aborted, or leave them somewhere, to die?

Were there more than just these two Obama children, at any time in the past?

Are Barack and Michelle planning to abort or abandon to death, any future offspring?

Would they do that while they occupied the White House?

Would NARAL and Planned Parenthood increase their contributions, if they did?

Will the Democrats begin offering tax credits for abortion and infanticide, any time soon?