“It is the truth of the (Church’s) teaching that maintains our right relationship with Jesus.”

Milwaukee, Wis., Jan 4, 2010 / 09:33 pm (CNA).- Archbishop Jerome Listecki was installed on January 4 as the 11th  Archbishop of Milwaukee at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, filling the seat left vacant by Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who was appointed to New York. In his first homily, the new archbishop called on his flock to “sacrifice for the truth.”

“There are many bishops and priests more intelligent, more talented and more deserving of this position than me,” said Archbishop Listecki lightheartedly on Monday. “I say this not with a false sense of humility but merely as fact.” The prelate continued to say however, that Pope Benedict XVI, “has made his selection and I accept his decision as God’s will. Please note that I will use every ounce of my being to serve this great Archdiocese of Milwaukee.”

Drawing on the Gospel reading from John during his homily, the prelate recalled the story of Christ’s “dramatic confrontation with St. Peter,” where He asks St. Peter three times if he loves Him. The archbishop continued to explain that followers of Christ are asked the same question along with St. Peter and are given a similar calling to present the truth in love.

“The Church presents the truth in charity,” said the prelate. “It is the truth of the (Church’s) teaching that maintains our right relationship with Jesus.”

“Our teaching on the dignity of the human person embraces life from the moment of conception to natural death. It reflects the love of life entrusted to us. This sacredness which reflects the imago dei – the very image of God – it is this very life for which Christ came into the world to suffer, die and rise. Our social principles, our care for the poor, is mandated out of a love of neighbor, grounded in the love of God,” he explained.

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New Catholic Archbishop to be Installed in Milwaukee

New Milwaukee Archbishop
Jerome E. Listecki

Milwaukee’s new Catholic Archbishop will be installed at a 2 o’clock Mass this afternoon. In November, the Vatican named Bishop Jerome E. Listecki of La Crosse to lead hundreds of thousands of Catholics in southeastern Wisconsin. Listecki grew up in Chicago, and is a retired lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves. WUWM’s Erin Toner spoke with Marquette History Professor Father Steven Avella about the new archbishop. Avella thinks Listecki will be a friendly, energetic and decisive leader, but one who will face challenges.

Announcement Courtesy: WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio

Failed Catholic Archbishop Rembert Weakland’s memoirs are indeed pretty “weak”


Poor, poor Rembert!

Unrepentant, narcicistic archbishop who secretly paid off his homosexual lover using $450,000.00 in church funds is still in denial. Shamelessly blames the Catholic church for his demise.

Weakland writes, “For starters, the church could make progress by ridding itself of arrogance, perfection, and omniscience.” (Editor’s note: But Rembert, that’s exactly what the church accomplished when you were finally forced to step down!)

View the embarrassingly sappy, “softball” article about him here and don’t forget to “read between the lines”.

For a detailed, real life account of the type of nasty work this “false shepherd” actually did, click here.

Its time to “recover the evangelizing muscle that characterized the early church.”


… the Catholic Church for too long took for granted the Catholic culture, “when it was presumed that you would go to Sunday Mass, that you would marry a Catholic and be married in the Catholic Church, when it was presumed that you would always remain in the faith, with tons of priests and nuns and Catholic schools to serve you.”

Those days are gone, and now he says its time to “recover the evangelizing muscle that characterized the early church.” This means putting an end to the “wavering” that has too often characterized the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council and a return to a clear and confident message.

“Very often even the word Catholic even the word church has had a question mark behind it,” he says. “Does it know where it’s going? Does it know what its teaching? Is it going to be around? There was a big question mark. A young person will not give his or her life for a question mark. A young person will give his or her life for an exclamation point.”

-Archbishop Timothy Dolan of  New York

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Men of Christ Men’s Conference Milwaukee 01/10/2009


As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Man Sharpens Another. This year’s conference will focus on “building a band of brothers.” Bringing men together to form a brotherhood that goes beyond the conference, and helps you strengthen your faith and your family. Men… you will experience true freedom from sin, feel a great sense of hope in the future, and become emboldened to heroically live your faith. This conference is about building strong, virtuous, brave Christian men. Come and see what that means. Fathers bring your sons – it will be a life changing experience for both of you.

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