Archbishop Nienstedt Won’t Be Charged In Alleged Groping Incident

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Charges will not be filed against Archbishop John Nienstedt in connection with an alleged groping incident involving a boy.


Editor’s note: Read between the lines on this one and you’ll see a good man brought up on charges for no good reason. See my earlier post

Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt: Family as the foundation of culture.

Dear friends in Christ,

Since the beginning of man’s life on earth, the family has served as the cornerstone of society.  The integrity of the family set the standard for society from the beginning of time as the underpinning of our civilization, reflecting the beneficial differences between men and women and the complementarity of their hearts, minds, and bodies.

Aristotle argued that the natural progression of human beings flowed from the family via small communities out to the polisThe state itself, then, as a natural extension of the family, mirrors this critical institution.

Inspired by Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas writes, “man is by nature a social being since he stands in need of many vital things which he cannot come by through his own unaided effort. Hence he is naturally part of a group by which assistance is given him that he may live well.  He needs this assistance with a view to life as well as to the good life.”[1]  And Pope Leo XIII develops Aquinas’ thought further, recognizing that “man’s natural instinct moves him to live in civil society, for he cannot, if dwelling apart, provide himself with the necessary requirements of life, nor procure the means of developing his mental and moral faculties.”[2]  Indeed, just as our communities and the state itself imitate the structure of the family, our economy is also modeled after oikonomia—the Greek word for household management.

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Editor’s note: This is a fairly long piece, but it is worth a read. This is what good Catholic bishops are supposed to do – teach!

Watch the Metrodome Collapse from the Inside

The giant inflatable roof of Minneapolis’ Metrodome stadium collapsed this morning under the weight of heavy snowfall. Here’s some apocalyptic video taken inside the stadium as the roof tears open and snow cascades onto the turf.

Watch the video