The strange (and very sad) case of Father Gordon MacRae

A KAFKAESQUE TALE by Rev. Richard John Neuhaus

“Among the many sad consequences of the sex abuse crisis are the injustices visited upon priests falsely accused. A particularly egregious case is that of Father Gordon MacRae of the diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire. He was sentenced to thirty-three years and has been imprisoned more than twelve years with no chance of parole because he insists he is innocent.

I have followed the case for several years. Lawyer friends have closely examined the case and believe he was railroaded. The Wall Street Journal’s Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Dorothy Rabinowitz published, on April 27 and 28, 2005, an account of the travesty of justice by which he was convicted…”

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Only in San Francisco, only with a gay and/or minority “victim,” only with a male defendant, could choking a rapist pass for “Murder in the Second Degree with Use of a Weapon.”

In contemporary San Francisco, a heterosexual military male can no more expect justice than a black man could in Jim Crow Alabama.

This December marks the fifteenth consecutive Christmas Steven Nary will have spent in the bowels of the California correctional system. The state has guaranteed him no fewer than three more and possibly as many more Christmases as there are years in his life — all of this for a “crime” that would not have even come to trial in most American cities.
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