Seen on the web: Pro-Life vs Social Justice Catholics

Posted by george2007

There is a huge error in depicting these two camps of Catholics as being cafeteria Catholics simply making different selections.

The  Church has no teaching or doctrine on how much the federal government should spend on the poor or on how the federal (or any other level of) government should go about assisting the poor.  The Church has a crystal clear doctrine on the protecting of life at all stages and that it’s the government’s role to protect life. This is inarguable. Get this through your heads, everyone.

Paul Ryan is neither viloating nor ignoring any Church teaching in his budget or any other proposal.  This characterization of cafeterianism is a huge category error.  It’s not just a matter of degree, where he’s ignoring one teaching to focus on a more important teaching, as  some say.  It’s a category error.

The reason for the rift is a misunderstanding of church teaching. So bad is this misunderstanding that the culture of death is at best excused and at worst actively abetted by millions of American Catholics.


Why are Non Catholic Christians so afraid of Catholics?

Q: Why are Non Catholic Christians so afraid of Catholics?

A: Typical protestant theology is so superficial and so ill formed that many Bible believing protestants are simply afraid to look past their own preacher’s very limited understanding of things.

And if they ever do, they run smack-dab into our awesome God, and his one, holy, apostolic and universal Church … smells, bells, liturgy, sacraments, devotions … and everything else that goes with it.

Not knowing what to make of things Catholic, they protest and recoil, missing out on the best that God has to give, settling instead for the spiritual equivalent of the “crumbs” that Jesus offered to the Samaritans.

In short, they fear and often hate what they fail to understand, and not understanding, they miss out.

The exceptions to this are certainly worth noting, since their ranks include former protestants from every age.