Behavior so tragically advanced, that they are incapable of embarrassment.

Catholic high school kids showed the contemporary Christmas spirit in a Niagara Falls motel, last Friday night, leaving a trail of used condoms, beer bottles, broken glass, broken doors, smashed sinks, and holed drywall through most of the 35 rooms they’d rented for after a “semi-formal dance.”

Police cruised by, while the melee was in progress, but would not intervene in what they considered to be a civil matter. The motel owners, who have sustained substantial property damage, now hope to avoid the further cost of legal proceedings. They have asked parents to settle claims voluntarily.

The kids themselves, like those who trashed the middle of Vancouver after last spring’s Stanley Cup final, were still boasting of their achievement the morning after, with pictures and supercilious comments posted through the “social media.”