Real Catholic TV soon to become ChurchMilitant-dot-TV!

Lots of changes at Real Catholic TV … and it looks as though all is for the better! Read about it, or watch the video.


Editor’s note: The name change and move appears to be a positive response to the demands from the Archdiocese of Detroit that Real Catholic TV stop using the name “Catholic”.

The term “Church Militant” was summarily stripped from the latest Catechism of the Catholic Church and eschewed by liberal Catholics everywhere. That was the equivalent of total disarmament and baring one’s neck to the enemy … so it’s no wonder the Catholic Church has been brutally set upon by Barack Obama and his minions … not to mention the bloody persecution and martyrdom that’s presently taking place in the middle east and elsewhere.

A thorough study of the Book of Revelation will show that Christians in the middle and far east are today experiencing many of the end time tribulations described therein. Only God knows what will come next!

The good people at Real Catholic TV/Church Militant TV are doing what should have been done by the post-Vatican II institutional church, for lo these many years … boldly teaching the Catholic faith … the whole faith … and nothing but the faith!

Pray for Church Militant TV. Send them some money to help defray the expenses of their move. Share their work with friends and family. They’re doing what Jesus expects of his disciples, they’re doing it regularly, and they’re doing it well … in spite of fierce opposition from factions in the Church, itself.

Joliet diocese moving to new diggs in Crest Hill. Smart move, long overdue!

The diocese expects to move most of its offices to Crest Hill in about a year.

Diocese spokesman Doug Delaney said the deal in Crest Hill has not closed. “But,” he said, “money has been paid, and an agreement has been made.”

The property suits the diocese needs in many ways, Delaney said.

Primarily, he said, it provides enough space to put the diocese offices all in one spot. Diocesan administrative functions now are spread around three locations. The bishop’s office and other administrative functions are on the near West Side of Joliet. Catholic Charities is located in downtown Joliet. But most diocesan employees work out of the St. Charles Borromeo Pastoral Center next to Lewis University in Romeoville.

The diocese expects to sell the pastoral center building to Lewis at a price that could cover the cost of acquiring the strip mall on Weber Road.

Also, Delaney said, the Crest Hill location offers an accessible spot for a diocese that goes through seven counties as far north as DuPage and as far south as Iroquois.

Of course, there’s some controversy…

Alleged genuine “Ark of the Covenant” to be moved to new location in Ethiopia

There has also been a long-running claim from the Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia that they have had the Ark for centuries…

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Editor’s note: The reference in the Book of Revelation to the Ark being seen in the Heavenly Temple refers to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is the living Ark of the Covenant, courtesy of her divine son, Jesus Christ.

(Revelation 11:19)  And the temple of God was opened in heaven: and the ark of his testament was seen in his temple. And there were lightnings and voices and an earthquake and great hail.