“It’s like a Vatican II bizarro world.” – writer doesn’t think much of Divine Mercy devotions.

by Doug Lawrence

Many traditionalists identify Divine Mercy Sunday as the premier feast day of the liberal, modernist wing of the post-Vatican II Catholic Church, complete with it’s own severely “protestantized” characterization of Jesus Christ.

Isn’t divine mercy what Jesus, the Catholic Church, the Mass and the Sacraments have always been about … offering the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ up to God the Father, for the sins of the whole world … all around the globe … 24/7 and 365 … for the last 2000 years, and counting?

Neither is “Jesus, I trust in you.” exactly new or original. Faith is a cardinal virtue, propagated by God’s superabundant grace, and as such, that disposition should already be  present in virtually every Christian, everywhere.

Still and all, Divine Mercy Sunday offers us the opportunity to obtain an extra plenary indulgence, and in terms of the Easter Season, it also serves as a form of mystagogia (a directed attempt at grasping the Mystery of God) in the hope of gaining a better personal understanding and appreciation of such things … which is never a bad idea.

You’ll find me at my local parish this Sunday, in the school gym, showing the film, “Time for Mercy”. If things go according to plan I might be able to attend the holy hour devotions, and maybe even get to confession.

In keeping with the spirit of the day, I’ll leave the details up to Jesus … since … as a matter of fact … like Saint Faustina … I really do trust in him.

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