More reasons it’s time to “junk” the NAB Bible translation

We have discussed before some concerns about the New American Bible (NAB) and how it vaguely translates the Greek word  πορνείᾳ (porneia)  which specifically refers to sexual immorality, but which the NAB translates only as “immorality.” Of course immorality could mean just about anything. You can read more of this rather serious problem here: NAB and Porneia

In this post I’d like to explore another problem with the NAB that was also called to my attention by one of you. There are problematic footnotes which do not always reflect Catholic teaching. One I’d like to look at is a flawed footnote on 1 Corinthians 3:15. The issue concerns how this text has been understood to refer to purgatory. The footnote in the current NAB denies that it is a reference to purgatory. Let’s look at the text and then the footnote.

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USCCB in financial dispute with New American Bible (NAB) “scholars”

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has stopped paying the Catholic Biblical Association of America its traditional 25 percent share of royalties for the New American Bible and other publications that use that translation.

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Editor’s note: A quick review of the many footnotes accompanying various iterations of the NAB translation turns up scores of comments that can easily be termed “heretical”. Rather than negotiating a new royalty agreement with the bible association, we would probably be much better off demanding a full refund and going back to the old Douay-Rheims translation!

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Beware the rampant liberalism in the (Catholic) New American Bible

The NAB, in many places, daringly redacts, rearranges, or otherwise mistranslates the sacred text, and it does so in the service of the modernist critical hermeneutic which is revealed in its “perverse” introductions and commentary.

These comments repeatedly contradict or call into question the Catholic dogma of the plenary inspiration and inerrancy of Sacred Scripture,8 as well as raising grave doubts about the Catholic dogmas of Christology and Mariology.

The NAB refuses Scripture the submission which is due to it according to the Catholic saints: “Holy Scripture is in such sort the rule of the Christian faith that we are obliged by every kind of obligation to believe most exactly all that it contains, and not to believe anything which may be ever so little contrary to it.”9

Indeed, it freely confesses that Scripture is wrong in places and freely disagrees.

The NAB charges the Bible with contradiction, concerning which Oecumenius may be quoted as representative of the faith of the whole world: “For nothing could be contradictory in the mouth of the one and the same Spirit.”10 Yet more, it seems that the NAB would have our Lord in ignorance and our Lady in doubt of her faith, which can only eventuate in Catholic readers doubting theirs.

This Bible is a danger to the faith of Catholics; it is a near occasion for sin.11 And, tragically, the New American Bible is clothed in a form of godliness far more convincing than anything that a Protestant biblical society could ever hope to weave. Indeed, it possesses all the trappings of a faithfully Catholic Bible.

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