A reader’s comments about the Newtown shooting – and abortion: For whom the bell tolls.

As I arrived at my downtown Catholic church this morning to sing for a funeral, the bells began to toll 26 times for the Sandy Hook school shooting victims.

I immediately remarked to my pastor: “I suppose there simply would not be enough hours in the day to toll the bell for each of the 3,000 American children who will be killed today by abortionists.”

I really intended no disrespect; the comment just came out spontaneously. It clearly caught Fr. off-guard. He made no reply at all.

My point, made obliquely, was that our public observances of the deaths of innocents should not be driven or restricted by the tunnel vision of the information media, but should recognize the enormity of our hideous, quotidian American reality.

Why should abortion victims be relegated to the umbra of marginalization and mundaneity, while shooting victims (of whom there are vastly fewer) are bathed in the spotlight of the public square?

Submitted by a reader

Muslim violence and fear in Dearborn(-i-stan) and elsewhere

Each generation’s most devout believers train a small percentage of the next generation’s most devout believers that it is OK to commit violence in the name of Islam.

This becomes an endless cycle because of two things.

(1) These devout believers are also instructed to kill anyone who tries to modify or stop the teaching of this violence.  (2) The number of these devout believers is high enough to reach a sort of critical mass.

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