The Day Mother Teresa Put a Communist In His Place

Mother Teresa had gone to Nicaragua with some of her sisters in order to help those suffering from an earthquake in the capital, Managua. At the time, Nicaragua was run by the Sandinista Communist regime, headed by Daniel Ortega. According to Msgr. Esseff, Communists in general and Ortega and Castro in particular just loved Mother and would take every opportunity to be seen with her and have events with her.

At one rally, Ortega, who was supposed to introduce Mother Teresa to the expectant crowd, went on a long tirade about President Reagan and what a horrible person he was. He went on and on about communism and the government, etc. When he had finished, he invited Mother up to the microphone. There she was, that diminutive Albanian so full of life and love and she said, “President Reagan really needs prayers, doesn’t he.”

“Yes, he really does, Mother,” was the response from Ortega who thought then that he had scored big.

But then Mother said to him, “And so do you. I was talking to your wife, and you are a Catholic.”

Nervous now, Ortega affirmed that he was Catholic. You know those hairs that stand up at the back of your neck when you know you’re in trouble, that sinking feeling in the gut? I like to think that Ortega was experiencing that just then.

“You are a Catholic, but you don’t have your children baptized. I want to be their godmother. Your wife told me you haven’t had them baptized. Let’s go baptize them right now, because if you can’t run your family, you can’t run the country.”

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Editor’s note: Mother Teresa lived in that “sweet spot” where traditional Catholicism, with all its smells, bells, saints, statues, and sacraments, merged perfectly with the genuine call of Jesus Christ, for justice and peace.

The idea is to love God, first and foremost. Then, suitably fortified with God’s grace, out of love, you go out and change the world. That’s precisely what Mother Teresa did, and the whole world duly took note!

No Catholic social justice movement can actually hope to work, unless worship and sacraments take priority over works and charity. 

Only then will God guide us to all truth … and also see to it that we avoid the corruptions and excesses of misguided programs like the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (coming soon to a collection plate near you.)

Illinois Right to Life News for Friday, June 6, 2008

Illinois Right to Life News for Friday, June 6, 2008

Agenda driven: ignoring the facts and denying choice

Contrary to the accusations made that defenders of life are agenda driven and un-scientific, abortion advocates are producing evidence that these accusations actually apply to them.

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer reports on evidence from Nicaragua showing the exact opposite of one of the favorite claims abortion proponents use to justify legalizing abortion. They always focus on the claim that women are dying from illegal abortion. If only it was legal, these women would not be dying. There has never been any evidence to support this claim.

Now there is more clear evidence to show that the reverse is true. There are less women dying when abortion is illegal. A recent publication by Nicaragua’s Ministry of Health noted that the overall maternal mortality rate decreased by 58% in the year since abortion has been made totally illegal. There were 21 maternal deaths for 2007 compared to 50 maternal deaths the year before.

Those are the results after just one year. What happens after a number of years? Well, Poland restricted abortion in 1993 and has seen a phenomenal increase in maternal well-being ever since. Maternal mortality, recorded at 15.2 per 100,000 live births in 1990, dropped to 7.3 per 100,000 by 1999.

Going for the long-term case, abortion-free Ireland has the lowest rate of maternal deaths in the world, so abortion advocates were never able to use the maternal death argument there. Ireland experienced only 5 deaths for every 100,000 births, according to 2005 data compiled by the UN Population Division.

These statistics totally contradict the favorite argument for legalization of abortion, that legal abortion will reduce maternal mortality. It seems that abortion advocates have no problem denying reality to push their abortion agenda.

Of course, once abortion advocates achieve legalization of some abortions with their deceptive maternal mortality argument, they move on to declare abortion a fundamental right, so women must have this choice. They drop the word abortion and rally around a “pro-choice” agenda.

The latest evidence of their deceptive defense of choice comes from the Planned Parenthood abortion fortress in Aurora, IL. A sidewalk counselor recently learned that when a customer entered Planned Parenthood with Pro-Life literature in her possession, Planned Parenthood employees took the literature away from her, even though she wanted it. This blatant act is certainly a violation of choice, actually an act of theft! Here is the evidence of their anti-choice agenda as reported by Matt Yonke at Families Against Planned Parenthood:

Sidewalk counselor Karen Koller reports she was speaking with a young lady who was going to Planned Parenthood for birth control, but was very interested in the literature Karen gave her. On her way out of Planned Parenthood, she stopped to ask Karen for some more literature. She needed more because Planned Parenthood employees had taken it away from her!

They forced her to give them the literature she had received from our sidewalk counselors. Karen said employees told the girl, “We need to take these” and when she said she wanted to keep them, she was told the pamphlets were “not allowed in here.” The young lady was livid and, after getting more literature from Karen, told her she was never coming back to Planned Parenthood after their rudeness and, let’s call a spade a spade, theft of her materials.

So much for defending “choice”, and it looks like Planned Parenthood has a customer relations problem! There must be an opportunity here to conceive a strategy to help them get more of their customer upset with their anti-choice attitude and policies. Can you imagine the headline, “Customers abandoning anti-choice Planned Parenthood”? Of course, such a headline would only appear in a Pro-Life publication, because the mainstream media would cover for them.

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