Bill O’Reilly: “Gov. Cuomo’s Abortion Plans Are ‘Barbaric.”

Conservative radio and TV host Bill O’Reilly has declared war on Gov. Cuomo over the governor’s push to strengthen the state’s abortion laws.

O’Reilly took to the airwaves twice last week to blast Cuomo as “barbaric.”

“Andrew Cuomo is barbaric. He’s just barbaric,” O’Reilly said during an appearance last Thursday on the Glenn Beck show. “And the fact that he says he’s Roman Catholic is just staggering. They want to legalize late-term abortion for any reason. You have a migraine headache, a hang nail, a panic attack.”

“It’s so barbaric that people should be rising up but you’re not going to see it because we’re too busy on our video games. We can’t pull ourselves away.”