Rush Limbaugh on liberals in the U. S. government … and the Catholic Church

The left is taking over every institution.

They have to be stopped, and it’s about time, maybe…

You know, I’m not trying to be Pollyannaish and look at the bright side of this (because I don’t, frankly, see many) but one of them is: Don’t doubt me anymore! It’s out in front of your eyes! Believe what you see, believe what you hear. It is real!

The Catholic Church has a bunch of leftists in it who would just as soon destroy the church and remake it, as the government has liberals in it who want to remake our government and destroy the Constitution.

Liberals are liberals.

They do not value institutions until they run them and remake them in their own way, and nothing is sacred. Not the Catholic Church, not the Methodist Church. Nothing! Zilch, zero, nada.

I shouldn’t have to say this, especially after this weekend. The real challenge — and it’s hard; I know it’s hard — is you can’t believe that we’ve elected people to run this country who don’t like it. Well, we did, but not on purpose. They were fooled, lied to, defrauded, everything else. So it’s out there right in the open for everyone to see and take note of. They don’t deserve to win another election ever. The country cannot withstand them winning another major election. Don’t doubt me.

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Editor’s note:

Rush isn’t Catholic, but if he was, he would realize that the Catholic Church was taken over by liberals some 40 years ago, shortly after the close of the 2nd Vatican Council.

The Catholic Church was the first to fall under the liberal onslaught.

That debacle set the stage for the stunning moral decline in all our formerly great institutions. Obama isn’t the cause … he’s just a symptom … and of course … he’s an opportunist. Obama also knows full well the weaknesses of today’s church. As a community organizer in Chicago, he learned first hand, from the late (leftist) Cardinal Bernardin. Obama admitted as much at last year’s Notre Dame commencement.

May God help us all!