Governor Sarah Palin Weighs In On Notre Dame Scandal


The governor said her Catholic grandfather would be shocked to hear that this prestigious university was honoring a man with such a strong “anti-life” agenda.

Holly Robichaud at The Boston Herald reported, via Free Republic:

Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, a strong pro-life advocate, weighed in on the issue with me by e-mail:

“My favorite grandpa, Clem James Sheeran, was Catholic. Irish to the core, his favorite place (other than church) was Notre Dame. I can’t imagine what he would think as the university recognizes someone who contradicts the core values of the Catholic faith by promoting an anti-life agenda. As we learned today, our nation is more pro-life than ever before; it is a very important time to strengthen the message that every baby is created for good purpose and has the potential to make this world a better place.”

While Palin understands this battle is about a fundamental value, Obama supporters trivialize it by suggesting it is about opening a dialogue with people of opposing views. Despite their belittling, this outrage is well deserved. By bestowing the degree on President Pro-Choice, a message is conveyed that he is a role model, someone deserving of recognition in the eyes of the university. Jenkins even said he is an inspiring leader.

Mario Cuomo shooting his mouth off again, this time about Notre Dame

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According to (former New York Governor) Mario Cuomo and the Associated Press: “The president’s appearance at Notre Dame will not in any way serve as an acceptance or condonation of his position on abortion and stem cells, but rather will provide the university the opportunity to reject — freely and clearly — those positions for all the world to hear and read,” Cuomo wrote.

“Better that confident and respectful stance by the university than a defensive and impolite insult to our nation’s respected and singularly important world leader, who demonstrated his respect to Notre Dame by agreeing to come to the university.”

Editor’s note:

Adolph Hitler was also a respected and singularly important world leader who demonstrated his “respect” by coming to Poland, unleashing the Blitzkrieg on his peaceful and unsuspecting neighbors, starting WWII.

With the Dems trotting out Cuomo, we can now be absolutely sure that Obama is very, very worried about his part in the Notre Dame scandal … and well he should be.

Notre Dame is going to be a lose – lose for Obama and the Democrats … whether Obama shows up … or not … and whether he speaks there … or not.

Mario Cuomo’s comments  prove that he is a political hack, a shill, a coward, a fool, a disgrace to his Italian heritage, and a scandal to authentic Catholics, everywhere.

Cuomo is Obama’s very own Neville Chamberlain! 

This is the type of stuff that happens to faithless politicians when they become hopelessly corrupted by power and money.

Unfortunately, Cuomo has LOTS of company!  

Sign the petition to uninvite pro death President Obama from speaking at Notre Dame


Dear Friend:

Thank you for signing the petition at, opposing the University of Notre Dame’s planned honor to President Barack Obama, despite his dangerous record on life issues.

More than 264,000 Catholics have signed the petition at, including many priests, Notre Dame families, college presidents and even some bishops!

But The Cardinal Newman Society needs your help again… to recruit MORE signers!

Notre Dame still has not yielded, and we need more Catholics to stand up and be counted.

Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has urged faithful Catholics to “do what you are supposed to be doing: to call, to email, to write letters, to express what’s in your heart about this”!

Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton, a champion of Catholic identity, has specifically urged Catholics to sign the petition at!

At this stage, and in addition to prayer, the single most important thing that the lay faithful can do THIS WEEK is to drive the number of signers on the petition even higher!

The petition has had a dramatic impact.  Nearly every media article and broadcast about the Notre Dame scandal – at MSNBC, FOX News, EWTN, TIME magazine, U.S. News & World Report, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and more – has pointed to the LARGE NUMBER of protesters at!

And how often to we see nearly three dozen bishops so publicly decry scandal in the Church?

These bishops – including leading Cardinals and Archbishops – have declared Notre Dame’s planned honor a “travesty,” “unconscionable,” “indefensible,” “a public act of disobedience to the Bishops,” and “seemingly without regard for the mission of the Catholic Church in the United States”!

Please, take a few seconds to forward this e-mail to at least five friends and family, and encourage them to sign the petition at  TODAY!

You see, at 7:00 a.m. Monday morning we are going to print the first wave of petitions, and what a statement it would make if Father Jenkins and the bishops (including some of our friends in Rome) saw that we had 300,000, 350,000 or even 400,000 Catholics demanding that Notre Dame live up to its Holy mission!

As much as pro-abortion Catholics want to make this a partisan issue, you and I know that at its core this scandal is about Catholics and Catholic institutions standing up as a witness for life and for our Holy, catholic and apostolic faith at this moment in history when it is under constant attack. 

Please, it is critical that we get as many people as possible to sign the petition this week!

And you can do something else to help out: go to, click on the “Donate Now” button on the left, and send The Cardinal Newman Society even a small (tax-deductible) contribution.  Or simply click here.

My entire staff and I have devoted nearly every hour to this protest since the moment the scandal broke, and to be honest with you this effort is breaking our budget. If necessary, The Cardinal Newman Society will go broke to help stop the Notre Dame scandal… but I hope that is not God’s plan for us.

Would you please consider a gift of $5, $15, $30, or even $100 or more to help us in our 16-year fight combating scandals on Catholic campuses and working to renew Catholic higher education? Thank you!

May God bless you for your faithful witness to the truth, and may He inspire Father Jenkins to withdraw this scandalous honor!  Please keep watching for the latest breaking information on this story.

Yours in Christ,

Patrick J. Reilly

President, The Cardinal Newman Society

P.S. First priority: PLEASE HURRY, help us recruit more signers at TODAY!  And if you can help us with even a small donation, we would gratefully welcome you as a member of The Cardinal Newman Society and a partner in one of the most exciting projects in the Catholic Church today – the renewal of faithful Catholic education!

Daley tells Cardinal George to “buzz off”


Willam Daley evidently thinks that abortion, infanticide, and the wanton destruction of human embryos are paltry little issues about which the Catholic Church should remain silent, and in his Tribune op-ed piece he pretty much tells the Cardinal to sit down and shut up about it.

Cardinal Francis George recently said this invitation is an embarrassment to Catholics because the president disagrees with church doctrine on abortion and stem-cell research. But I believe Cardinal George’s stand is an embarrassment to Chicago Catholics and furthers the divide among the church, its members and the rest of America.”


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Follow up:

Mayor Richard Daley said much the same last week, when he was asked about it.

JP Morgan and Chase evidently felt the same way about Hitler, the Nazis, and their atrocities during WWII, as William Daley does about Obama’s anti-life policies  today:

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Bishops call on Notre Dame to defend life, cancel Obama invite


Bishop of Tulsa Edward J. Slattery, in a Tuesday letter to University of Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins, asked the invitation be canceled.

As you know, President Obama is aggressively promoting abortion on demand not only here in the United States but all over the world,” he wrote, saying the president wants doctors to be required to perform an abortion whenever the mother asks.

“Faithful Catholics and all men and women of good will are appalled by the sin of abortion. It is a cancer in our society which is eating away at all the other pro-life issues because abortion destroys human life at its very beginning and has become so common,” he wrote.

“For President Obama to be honored by Notre Dame is more than a disappointment, it is a scandal – especially to young adults,” Bishop Slattery added, arguing the school’s honoring of the president will make it easier for a woman contemplating abortion to undergo the procedure.

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