Will the fact that abortionist Kermit Gosnell is now a convicted murderer keep Notre Dame University from inviting him in to speak?

NYT2009051717264370CA leading supporter of unrestricted infanticide by abortion providers,
will Barack Obama eventually pardon Kermit Gosnell?

National Pro-life awards dinner and Mass held at University of Notre Dame, but not a single representative of the ND administration or board of trustees attended

Last Wednesday, April 25, at a dinner attended by hundreds of pro-life advocates from across the United States, the second annual Evangelium Vitae medal, recognizing outstanding service in the defense of human life, was awarded to Helen Alvare, an internationally recognized and acclaimed right-to-life activist.
The dinner was held at the University of Notre Dame, following a Mass celebrated in the Sacred Heart Basilica by Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the diocese of Fort Wayne/South Bend.  In only its second year, the Evangelium Vitae medal has gained national recognition at least on a par with the Laetare medal.
Sadly (and tellingly), not a single representative of the Notre Dame administration or the board of trustees attended the event, although all had been invited.
Most ignored the invitation, not even offering the courtesy of a reply.  Those that replied offered no reason for declining the invitation.  The Notre Dame publicity machine carefully sidestepped the event, both on the ND website and in its daily news bulletins.
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Notre Dame and new board member are either stupid … blatant liars … or both.

Talk about digging a hole for yourself. This is what the office of the President at Notre Dame is sending in response to people asking about why Roxanne Martino was invited to sit on their board:

Ms. Martino (along with her husband, Rocco) is a Notre Dame graduate, and she is fully supportive of Church teaching on the sanctity of life.

She has through the years contributed to organizations that provide a wide range of important services and support to women. She did not realize, however, that several of these organizations also take a pro-choice position.

This is not her personal position, and she will now review all of her contributions to ensure that she does not again inadvertently support these kinds of activities in the future.

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ND 88 attorney may subpoena Notre Dame officials, judge rules

South Bend, Ind., Apr 27, 2010 / 06:08 am (CNA).- The legal defense team for the 88 pro-life protesters arrested at the University of Notre Dame may now seek testimony from university officials after a judge’s ruling lifted a stay.

The protesters, called the ND88, were arrested for trespassing during their demonstrations against the May 2009 commencement speech of President Barack Obama, who was granted an honorary degree by the university.

St. Joseph County, Indiana Superior Court Chief Judge Michael P. Scopelitis lifted a stay order on defense lawyers. They may now seek testimony under oath from key decision makers in the arrest of the protesters. The lawyers may also subpoena documents revealing apparent inconsistencies in the treatment of the pro-life protesters compared with other protesting groups.

Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, said the lifting of the stay was “very significant.”

“A Notre Dame alumni group, Sycamore Trust, recently reported that homosexual rights and anti-ROTC protesters received, at worst, mere slaps on the wrist for leading unauthorized protests on campus. We believe that through discovery we may well uncover evidence that the Notre Dame police engaged in ‘viewpoint discrimination:’ that the university singled out the ND88 for especially harsh treatment.”

Judge Scopelitis also ruled that once the discovery process is completed, he may convene an evidentiary hearing to review the defendants’ “global” legal defenses before any individual trials.

Former U.S. Ambassador and Presidential candidate Dr. Alan Keyes jailed along with over 20 anti abortion activists


May 08, 2009

Dear Friend of Stop Obama Notre Dame:

What follows is the press release we sent out a few hours ago. WE have so many things happening, I do not have time to say much more. I beg your prayers for the prisoners.

For Immediate release:

Dateline: Notre Dame

Contact: Randall Terry 904-687-9804

Former U.S. Ambassador and Presidential candidate Dr. Alan Keyes is currently in Jail; along with over 20 anti abortion activists.

They were arrested at Notre Dame for peacefully, quietly, walking on campus with baby carriages carrying dolls covered with stage blood.

Randall Terry, leader of StopObamaNotreDame, states:

“Notre Dame arrests Christians who defend babies, and honors a man who kills them.This is an open wound in the Church. The question is this: Will a Catholic Bishop step up and demand this betrayal of the Faith be brought to a halt?”

Video of arrests: A You Tube video will be posted soon of the arrests. Please keep checking at www.StopObamaNotreDame.com

For interviews, contact: 904-687-9804