Vatican II became a lightning-rod for discontent due to the obtuse “spirit” of the shameless progressives who deliberately misinterpreted and mischaracterized it (and still do)


My theory is that it is precisely those who have abused Vatican II by continually ignoring or even counterfeiting its teaching who have produced a situation in which the same Council is becoming increasingly distant, wearisome, vexed, and irrelevant. For example, had there been a clear and humble acceptance of the teaching ofSacrosanctum Conciliumand, therefore, had the Church been free from widespread liturgical abuses and the hermeneutic of rupture that is still the modus operandi of most parish communities, there can be no question that the traditionalist movement would have spent far less of its time critiquing Vatican II as such. Put simply: it was not inherently necessary that the Council become a lightning-rod of discontent. It was made to be that by the purveyors of its “spirit.”

If Vatican II dies the death of an irrecoverable failure, it will be solely the fault of the progressives who thought they could ride the horse of Vatican II all the way home to a “new Church,” and who met with considerable success in persuading the world to believe the same lie. As there is one Body of Christ planned from all eternity, sojourning on earth in the unity of faith and charity, and destined to live forever, there cannot ever be a “new Church.” Those who were content to remain in the one and only Church there is can hardly be blamed for turning a deaf ear to so much tiresome twaddle about the Council. Over time, the historical Council insensibly merged with the virtual or media Council, and as a result, the real teaching, the authentic documents, have become marginalized.

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German Catholic Church far from poor: 27 dioceses hold an estimated $100 billion worth of assets.

Pope Francis’s decision to suspend Germany’s Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst has brought worldwide attention to the bishop’s lavish spending. But it’s also drawn attention to the special relationship that the Roman Catholic Church has with the German state. Some observers say the fact the church is partially subsidized by Germany’s taxpayers, giving it an estimate net wealth of $100 billion, is the underlying reason for Bishop Tebartz-van Elst’s opulent lifestyle.

Here’s a closer look at why Germany’s Catholic Church is one of the wealthiest branches in the world:

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Editor’s note: The love of money is the root of all evil – not merely having it.  But Jesus warned us that the rich are going to have a tough time getting into heaven. I wonder how that applies to the Catholic Church, exactly? Will God permit the end times church to be looted by the Beast and the Antichrist? That said, today’s German Catholic Church is the envy of many religious institutions, the world over.

Funny that nobody ever thought to reform church finances during Vatican II. Multi-hundreds of billions in cash and other hard assets must not be “pastoral” enough for that obtuse spirit of the world!

Acts 3:1-9

(1) Now Peter and John went up into the temple at the ninth hour of prayer.
(2) And a certain man who was lame from his mother’s womb was carried: whom they laid every day at the gate of the temple, which is called Beautiful, that he might ask alms of them that went into the temple.
(3) He, when he had seen Peter and John, about to go into the temple, asked to receive an alms.
(4) But Peter with John, fastening his eyes upon him, said: Look upon us.
(5) But he looked earnestly upon them, hoping that he should receive something of them.
(6) But Peter said: Silver and gold I have none; but what I have, I give thee. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, arise and walk.
(7) And taking him by the right hand, he lifted him up: and forthwith his feet and soles received strength.
(8) And he leaping up, stood and walked and went in with them into the temple, walking and leaping and praising God.
(9) And all the people saw him walking and praising God.

The Obtuse Spirit of Vatican II: Still attempting to pass off damaged spiritual goods as “quality merchandise”.


Just consider some of the most famous quotes regarding Vatican II.

Cardinal Giuseppe Siri said, “If the Church were not Divine, the Council would have buried her.”

The liberal Cardinal Joseph Suenens rejoiced, “Vatican II is the French Revolution of the Church.”

Bishop Thomas Morrow, a prelate who participated at Vatican II, said later in life, “I was relieved when we were told that this Council was not aiming at defining or giving final statements on doctrine, because a statement of doctrine has to be very carefully formulated, and I would have regarded the Council documents as tentative and liable to be reformed.”

At the close of Vatican II, the bishops asked Council Secretary Archbishop Felici for that which the theologians call the “theological note” of the Council; that is, the doctrinal “weight” of Vatican II’s teachings. Felici replied: “We have to distinguish according to the schemas and the chapters those which have already been the subject of dogmatic definitions in the past; as for the decelerations which have a novel character, we have to make reservations.”

Liberal Protestant Observer Robert McAffee Brown, writing immediately after the Council, said he despised Pope Pius XI’s and Pope Pius XII’s magisterial pronouncement on Ecumenism (Mortalium Animos and the 1949 Decree on Ecumenism) because both documents insisted on the conversion of non-Catholics to Catholicism as one and only way to true Christian Unity. McAfee Brown went on to say he loved Vatican II’s Decree on Ecumenism because the Council text nowhere mentions the need for non-Catholics to convert to the Catholic Church.

Even Walter Cardinal Kasper, an ardent advocate of ecumenism, recently admitted the confusion within the Council texts themselves.

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Editor’s note: No offense to Pope Francis for his liberal views … but liberals just love revolution … and they simply hate to give up … no matter how badly things turn out.

The “party line” of the people who run today’s Catholic Church … in its’ own special way … remains every bit as liberal, radical and lacking in essential truth as does Barack Obama’s present political regime.

In 1965, CHANGE came to the Catholic Church. And it was an unmitigated DISASTER for the entire world.

It’s high time somebody in authority cut off the head and plunged a stake through the heart of the 2nd Vatican Council … once and for all.

It’s either that … or perhaps the Holy Spirit has already abandoned the church and granted the people all the desires of their hearts. (Definitely not a good thing, since the only thing left after that is Divine Judgment and Wrath.)

Worst of all worlds: Gay … Jesuit … theologians.

Three theologians who teach at Jesuit institutions–Paul Lakeland of Fairfield University, Daniel Maguire of Marquette University, and Frank Parella of Santa Clara University–blasted the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for its opposition to same-sex marriage.


Editor’s note: The obtuse spirit of Vatican II must have overcome these poor souls … and even poorer theologians.

Obtuse “Spirit of Vatican II” is still confusing high level church prelates

Cardinal Kurt Koch assumes that his interpretation of Vatican Council II is the only one and all of us should accept it.

When the SSPX says they reject Vatican Council II they mean they reject the Koch-liberal version. When they say that they affirm ecumenism and inter religious dialogue according to Tradition, they mean they affirm in reality the traditional interpretation of Vatican Council II.

There can be no known cases of Orthodox Christians or Protestants saved in imperfect communion, the seeds of the Word or a good conscience etc as the liberal version claims.

In a a press conference on Tuesday in Vienna Cardinal Koch, the President of the Vatican Council for ecumenism said the Society of St.Pius X (SSPX) needs to accept Vatican Council II, as if, implying that he and his Vatican office for ecumenism does so.They do not accept the traditional interpretation of Vatican Council II.

The cardinal cannot provide references from Vatican Council II to support his liberal interpretation with reference to ecumenism.

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Fruits of the obtuse “Spirit of Vatican II”

When St. Bonaventure writes in Itinerium Mentis ad Deum that only a man of desire (such as Daniel) can understand God, he means that a certain attitude of soul must be achieved in order to understand the world of God, into which He wants to lead us.

This counsel is especially applicable to the Church’s liturgy. The sursum corda the lifting up of our hearts is the first requirement for real participation in the mass. Nothing could better obstruct the confrontation of man with God than the notion that we “go unto the altar of God” as we would go to a pleasant, relaxing social gathering. This is why the Latin Mass with Gregorian chant, which raises us up to a sacred atmosphere, is vastly superior to a vernacular mass with popular songs, which leaves us in a profane, merely natural atmosphere.

The basic error of most of the innovations is to imagine that the new liturgy brings the holy sacrifice of the mass nearer to the faithful, that shorn of its old rituals the mass now enters into the substance of our lives. For the question is whether we better meet Christ in the mass by soaring up to Him, or by dragging Him down into our own pedestrian, workaday world. The innovators would replace holy intimacy with Christ by an unbecoming familiarity. The new liturgy actually threatens to frustrate the confrontation with Christ, for it discourages reverence in the face of mystery, precludes awe, and all but extinguishes a sense of sacredness. What really matters, surely, is not whether the faithful feel at home at mass, but whether they are drawn out of their ordinary lives into the world of Christ-whether their attitude is the response of ultimate reverence: whether they are imbued with the reality of Christ.

THOSE WHO RHAPSODIZE on the new liturgy make much of the point that over the years the mass had lost its communal character and had become an occasion for individualistic worship. The new vernacular mass, they insist, restores the sense of community by replacing private devotions with community participation. Yet they forget that there are different levels and kinds of communion with other persons. The level and nature of a community experience is determined by the theme of the communion, the name or cause in which men are gathered. The higher the good which the theme represents, and which binds men together, the more sublime and deeper is the communion. The ethos and nature of a community experience in the case of a great national emergency is obviously radically different from the community experience of a cocktail party. And of course the most striking differences in communities will be found between the community whose theme is supernatural and the one whose theme is merely natural. The actualization of men’s souls who are truly touched by Christ is the basis of a unique community, a sacred communion, one whose quality is incomparably more sublime than that of any natural community. The authentic we communion of the faithful, which the liturgy of Holy Thursday expresses so well in the words “congregavit nos in unum Christi amor”, is only possible as a fruit of the I-Thou communion with Christ Himself. Only a direct relation to the God- Man can actualize this sacred union among the faithful.

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It’s high time the “God of love” showed us Catholics a bit of his wrath!

“Ticked off” Jesus – from the Book of Revelation

First of all, let me state for the record, that the 2nd Vatican Council was legitimately called, that it met all the usual standards for church councils, and for those reasons, I find no fault with it.

That said, the liberal, modernist cardinals, bishops and priests who led the POST-Vatican II revolution, and who were themselves led by some unknown, probably demonic, obtuse spirit, (most certainly NOT God, the Holy Spirit) couldn’t have done much more damage to the Catholic Church, if they had used molotov cocktails and guillotines.

In retrospect, a guillotine would have been more merciful, while the molotov cocktails would have been more efficient, and more in keeping with the times.

Instead, we Catholics have been forced to endure over forty years of what is more akin to “water boarding” … being slowly suffocated … one drop at a time … as those in charge patiently, stealthily, often gleefully, defiled and deconstructed that which took twenty centuries of God’s grace to build up.

Traditional religious art and statuary, which for many hundreds of years, served to teach and inspire both peasants and kings, is produced no longer.

Church buildings that had once reflected the glory of Heaven, are today, mostly banal structures, vaguely reminiscent of convention centers.

Religious orders, once the repository of all that was good in Western civilization, have either vanished, or turned into affinity groups for community organizers, gays and lesbians.

No one (except perhaps for Father Corapi) authoritatively teaches the Catholic faith, anymore. Local ordinaries act as celebrity toastmasters. Teaching, baptizing (and evangelizing) have all suffered in the process, but for a good cause!

The unofficial new tradition of the post-counciliar church is: “We don’t teach that anymore” (in English and Spanish, of course!)

“Social Justice” no longer refers to merely feeding the hungry, clothing the naked,  or housing the homeless. Today, we write big checks to groups that aren’t even Catholic, or if  we’re kind of preoccupied with local scandals … or attempting to curry favor with one politician or another … we write big checks to groups that are outright anti-Catholic

Theologians like St. Thomas Aquinas –  “the Angelic Doctor” – are out. Congar, Rahner, and Von Balthsar are in.

The radical types who took over all the universities, as well as the Democratic Party, may also be observed running the Catholic dioceses and seminaries!

Between all of them, it’s as though the Catholic Church was founded in Rome, on December 8, 1965 … by communists, socialists, homosexuals and feminists … and as of late … radical, eco-pagans.

Bishops are CEO’s of dioceses that are often worth a hundred million dollars, or more. With responsibility for that amount of assets, it’s no wonder they often don’t have the time or energy to properly monitor or support their priests. If only those assets were all in cash!

The Vatican bureaucracy, hobbled by communists, masons, and homosexuals … runs as always … ponderously … and strictly at it’s own pace … as if Heaven really can wait!

The Pope heroically carries on as best he can, under the circumstances. God love him.

Which brings us to the heart of the matter:

Like the lucky but habitual speeder, who usually got away scott-free, but was finally pulled over, even though he wasn’t speeding at the time … Pope Benedict and all his liberal, modernist pals (including Pope John Paul II) were the main cheerleaders at the 2nd Vatican Council, where they never met an innovation they didn’t like, and where they presided over ALL that followed.

They just couldn’t wait to “shake things up” … to bring the church out of the “dark ages” … to “open up the windows and let in some air” … and to “counter” all that was done and taught by the church, in the “bad old days”.

The huge dose of radical innovation set things a bit on fire, and failing to keep a close eye on it, that little fire eventually turned into a real blaze, a blaze that first heated things up in America, and now, is making the Vatican pretty hot, for our dear Pope!

So, whether or not the pope is actually guilty of any of the priestly abuse cover-ups that people are accusing him of, it’s good for him to suffer a bit. He deserves it. And if he’s smart, he’ll spread the pain around to his fellow bishops too, since suffering is integral to the authentic Catholic faith, and they can all use the practice.

Heaven knows, what remains of the faithful Catholic laity has been suffering … mostly in reverent silence … for over forty years!

I know I’m ticked off about all this … and I’m sure I don’t know the half of it. Imagine how ticked off someone would be if he could “read” people’s hearts and minds!

God bless Pope Benedict XVI … and all the bishops. I have a hunch they’re going to need it!

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The six greatest 20th century betrayers, persecutors and suppressors of the Catholic Church

The six greatest 20th century betrayers, persecutors and suppressors of the Catholic Church:

The United Kingdom, through blatant government-authorized bigotry and discrimination, which still exists today.

Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich.

Soviet style Communism.

The Chinese Communists.

Various Islamic kingdoms and states.

Catholics caught up in the obtuse spirit that has been constantly preying on the post-Vatican II Catholic Church, which by virtually all measures has devastated the Church, led many to unprecedented levels of apostasy, scandal and sin, and which should never be confused with the authentic Holy Spirit of God, who will most certainly (eventually) prevail.