This week’s Ask Alice: Possible occult influence, marriage annulments, and how to tell authentic tongue speech from gibberish

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Judy asks: For over 20 years I have suffered with pain and a few years ago I starting going to a chiropractor that I didn’t really understand what he was doing. He talked about energy and such. I didn’t really pay attention. I felt better and left it at that.

He talks to me about things I never told him and he knows things about me that nobody else could possibly know. He says he picks it up from my subconscious. I have talked to him about God and he says he is a believer in God and he isn’t doing anything against God’s plan.

I went to confession and the priest didn’t really know what I was talking about and told me I could go back to see this doctor, but not to listen to anything else he says. What do you think?

Alice replies: Do you tell the chiropractor your problems or ask him for advice?

If so, then your chiropractor might be an intuitive soul to whom the Holy Spirit gives special insights to help you. However, if you do not share details of your personal life, and your chiropractor tells you things that no one else could possibly know about you, then you should be wary of the source of his comments. The Holy Spirit’s influence is gentle and gracious unlike your chiropractor’s behavior, which is aggressive and intrusive.

The tone of your letter suggests that you feel uncomfortable with the revelatory remarks made by your chiropractor. In that case, you should find a new practitioner. There must be other competent chiropractors in your community.When in doubt about a person or situation, please pray. Then listen as the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart.


Mary asks: If a woman who has an annulment wishes to marry a man who was married in a Lutheran tradition, does he have to also have his marriage annulled? If so, and he does not want to go through this process, what alternative routes are open to the woman?

Alice replies: The Catholic Church recognizes a marriage in the Lutheran tradition as a valid marriage. In fact, a non-Catholic must get an annulment from ANY legal contract marriage (including a Vegas wedding or a common law union lasting more than seven years) before he/she is free to marry a Catholic in the Church. The man in question must have his marriage annulled before he can marry in the Catholic Church.

Alternative routes available to a Catholic woman, if a man does not want to go through the annulment process:

1) Don’t get married. Pray each day that God will put the desire to get an annulment in his heart.

2) Get married in a Protestant church and do not consummate the marriage. If the man and woman are legally married and live together without having sex, then the Catholic partner can continue to receive Holy Eucharist at Mass.

If a Catholic woman marries a divorced man outside the Church, then the woman can attend Mass, but cannot receive Holy Communion.

Sorry, Mary. Being a Catholic isn’t always easy. Consider the message in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, “Love is patient and kind….love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.”

If a relationship is of God, it will last. If a man truly loves a Catholic woman, he will seek an annulment. The power of prayer is amazing!

Doug Lawrence adds: Many parishes have a designated priest or deacon who is specially trained in handling matters of this type. Failing that, it’s often possible to contact the local diocesan marriage tribunal for more specific information  and assistance.


Joan asks: I would like your view of speaking in tongues in this day and age.  How does one know if they are really doing it from the Holy Spirit or the bad guy? I’m serious about this.

Alice replies: How to tell the good guys (or gals) from the bad guys (or gals) has puzzled believers since Jesus walked the earth. “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but underneath are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

Fortunately, our Lord taught his followers this simple test for discerning spirits: “By their fruits you will know them.” (Matthew 7:16)

The fruits of which Jesus spoke are a person’s deeds. Many Charismatics who pray in tongues are good, holy people in tune with the Holy Spirit. A Charismatic friend I have known for 21 years, prays in tongues. She is a loving, humble woman, who always helps people in need. She never pushes her gift on anyone. At church she prays in English with the rest of the congregation. By her deeds I recognize my friend to be a good, holy woman. By contrast, a person who prays in tongues but lies, gossips and embezzles money at work exhibits rotten fruit.

When in doubt about a person’s character, seek discernment from the Holy Spirit in prayer. Then be still and listen to the voice in your heart.


Occult influences in world politics: The Babel Tower Governing Europe

Composite: Tower of Babel (left) EU Parliament Building (right)

Europe is being governed by institutions that are openly against God. They exalt anti-Catholic symbols while forbidding the Cross as much as possible. The Cross is not only a religious symbol, but also a cultural one, since it was under its shadow that Christian Civilization was founded. The Cross of Christ is what identifies Europeans as brothers, and must be respected by anyone who wants to live among us.

Comparing the photos, one sees that the European Parliament building seems to have closely followed the design of The Babel Tower by Bruegel. Perhaps for this reason, the Strasburg edifice is also known as the “Unfinished Tower,” signifying that the European unification is still in the making.

The symbolism is further stressed by the motto we find on the postcard: “Many tongues, one voice.” In the biblical account, God confused the languages and scattered the peoples over the earth to punish them for their pride. When we consider the building and the motto of the European Parliament, it seems that we are witnessing an attempt to restore that old Babel Tower. Like its predecessor, the modern Babel Tower – by the affirmation of its own identity independent from God – symbolizes a rebellion and challenge to God and His norms.

Supposedly our laws are democratically and freely made by legal institutions. In reality, however, it seems that they are inspired and controlled by behind-the-scenes organizations with an international influence and by secret societies that are occult and follow Lucifer’s instructions.