Cardinal George: “Civil laws that establish ‘same-sex marriage’ create a legal fiction.”

Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George and his six auxiliary bishops officially entered Illinois’ gay marriage fray Tuesday, issuing a letter that urges parishioners to contact state legislators and voice opposition to a legalization bill that could face a vote this week.

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Eric Scheidler: “We will continue to oppose Planned Parenthood through all peaceful means until they stop killing children in our community.”

The Aurora Planned Parenthood clinic was in the spotlight as “ground zero” in the national debate surrounding abortion even before it opened to patients in October 2007.

Five years later, abortion opponents gathered for a prayer vigil Monday night, renewing their long-standing calls that the clinic be shuttered.

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Is outright advocacy for unmarried teens having sex at the heart of people’s opposition to Planned Parenthood?

Anyone paying attention to events in Washington, D.C., and around the country has become acutely aware that thousands of people, and many elected officials, are very upset with the organization known as Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its many nationwide affiliates. They are so upset that they are trying to cut off all taxpayer money to the group.

Americans are asking themselves, “Why? What is so terrible about this group that it could be such a polarizing catalyst?”

The simple answer that is given by the media and many in public life is abortion. On the surface, this has some validity. After all, Planned Parenthood does run the largest abortion chain in the nation, with 321 surgical and medical abortion facilities that committed 332,287 abortions in 2009. The fact that Planned Parenthood has committed over 5,000,000 abortions since 1970 also gives credence to the media answer. Yet, in reality, there is much more that has people angry.

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Catholics Step Up Fight Against ‘Unacceptable’ Healthcare Bill


Almost 13 percent of the nation’s 4,897 community hospitals are Catholic-run and often provide a higher percentage of public health and specialty services than other healthcare providers. Catholic healthcare facilities accounted for 20 percent of hospital admissions in 21 states and the District of Columbia last year, according to 

Last year, Catholic healthcare providers saw more than 16.9 million emergency room visits and 92.7 million outpatient visits, and they admitted more than 5.5 million patients.

The bishops have forcefully stated their opposition to healthcare reform that does not specifically exclude abortion and allow for conscience protection.

Advancing their arguments is Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia, who chairs the pro-life committee of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Rigali told Congress in an Aug. 11 letter that healthcare reform must “respect human life and rights of conscience in the context of abortion.”

The bishops believe HR 3200, the healthcare reform legislation making its way through the House, could mandate abortion coverage.

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