Oprah’s inexcusable, racist comments about mature white people and the United States


During an interview Friday on BBC promoting one of her movies, Winfrey argued that America was full of racists.

“There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism – and they just have to die,” she stated.

Winfrey went on to say the president is a victim of racism. “I think that there’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs – and that occurs in some cases, and maybe even many cases, because he’s African-American,” she said.


Editor’s note: For those of you who do not understand liberal-speak code: Oprah was speaking about the necessary demise of mature WHITE people. For those of you who may never have noticed – Oprah is (apparently) a black, female person.

Ugly Roman John Paul II statue turns out to actually be – surprise – Oprah!

Believe it … or maybe not!

Witnesses report that at the very moment Oprah Winfrey departed the Harpo Studios in Chicago, after her very last show, the controversial Roman statue (until now, thought to be of the late Pope John Paul II) began to vibrate and emit strange noises. Several seconds later, the bronze head of the statue burst open. The result can clearly be seen in the above photo.

Editor’s note: Only Oprah could make that ugly puddle of bronze look that good. If only it were true!

At least Oprah’s mom got it right!

The recent announcement that Oprah Winfree has a here-to-fore unknown half sister, raises an interesting point.

Oprah’s mom found herself in a tough spot, yet she did the right thing by putting her daughter up for adoption.

Makes you wonder if recent events have affected Oprah’s position on abortion rights? And if not … why not?

Dominican Sisters of Mary to Make Second Appearance on Oprah – November 23rd.

NASHVILLE, TN (Catholic Online) – It was reportedly one of the most watched shows in years, this past February, when the Dominican Sisters of the flourishing convent in Ann Arbor, Michigan made an appearance on Oprah. Having previously abandoned Oprah for her politics and new-ageism after years of following, I was a little anxious in February at the treatment our dear Sisters would receive at the hands of reporter Lisa Ling and Harpo producers.

But happily, such concern was unfounded. It was a respectful, joyful report that revealed Christ and His Church to the whole world through our fresh-faced Sisters.

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Dominican nuns taught Oprah Winfrey the rosary

Oprah Winfrey was surprised after her recent show featuring the Dominican Sisters of Mary when the sisters in the studio said they had a present for her.

“No one ever gives me a present,” the television star said.

Then, as Sr. Teresa Benedicta related in a talk before a packed gathering at The Bean of Ave Maria Tuesday night, “the sisters gave Oprah a rosary, and taught her how to pray it. She seemed really interested.”

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Take a peek at the website of the Dominican Sisters who appeared on “Oprah”

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Oprah Nominated For Sainthood – New Age … that is!

Oprah Nominated For Sainthood – New Age … that is! 

Things are getting stranger and stranger at the various Oprah dominated media outlets.

There’s no doubt that Oprah has a decided preference for “trendy” new age types that specialize in packaging custom tailored belief systems that are designed to appeal to today’s “Give me what I want … and give it to me now!” generation.

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