Mother of eleven decides to really clean house … and gets some unexpected help.

There came a time in my life when I was going through a spiritual renewal and examining how I could grow closer to God. I decided to purify my house by getting rid of anything I considered to be evil. We have a big house with thirteen rooms, six of them bedrooms for our eleven children. That covers a lot of space.

I cleaned out closets, crawl space in the attic, the basement, every place I could think of where there might be something in question. I was a collector of books and I disposed of anything that had to do with horoscopes, numerology, etc. There was a time when I thought of these things as innocent fun, but later realized they are a gateway into the occult.

It was an on going process that took me months to complete. Finally, the day came when I sat back and was satisfied, feeling my house was free of any intentional evil.

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Exorcist explains how Catholics ought to live their faith

“Obviously, one should frequent the sacraments — especially Confession and Communion — pray every day, and cultivate a loving and fruitful relationship with Our Lord, Our Lady and the saints. In addition, one should do a regular (daily) examination of conscience, with prayers that the Holy Spirit might enlighten us to any secret sins.

“It goes without saying that Catholics should avoid any contact with the occult, Ouija boards, magic crystals, New Age practitioners, anything having to do with Wicca, witchcraft, or even the Goth movement. Also, we need to be conscious of Christ’s command to forgive others. We need to forgive those who harm us and practice charity to those who have hurt us. We have to be very, very careful not to nurse grudges or slights, or hold on to anger or refuse to forgive others for their crimes against us. All this is what we should be praying for daily.”

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Ouija Board and other kinds of New Age practices “very dangerous.”

Q – Is using a Ouija Board ok, if just for fun? Also, what do you think of the comments at the bottom of this websiteI can’t believe that Hasbro makes this and Toys ‘R Us sells them!

A – Thanks for the questions. I think my answers might just surprise some of our readers.

The origin of these boards is not from a game. Rather, they come from a practice of “channeling” or “divination”. Channeling is asking the dead to give us answers to questions or power and is an ancient – and dangerous – practice. Thus, the word “occult” = “hidden”. The Bible speaks directly to this practice:

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